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“When things are this bad, it’s necessary to plan for the worst, but also to keep everyone’s hopes up that ‘this too shall pass,’” says TOBY CLAUDIO of their sports and fitness company’s vision for a better tomorrow

“Iliterally grew up in the store,” shares Toby Claudio. “I was [five] years old and was given my first job to sit on my skateboard and roll over all the freshly-laid tiles of our first Toby’s store in Greenhills.” The vivid memory of seeing the store open with his name on the sign realized the role he was about to play in what will become a family legacy.

His family founded and owns the full-line sporting goods store Toby’s Sports and its succeeding businesses, Toby’s Sports Arena, RUNNR, and urban-Athletics. These are all under Quorum Internatio­nal Inc, with Claudio currently sitting in as president.

When he officially stepped into the family business, he brought and spearheade­d major projects like Toby’s Arena and the first RUNNR store.

This and his childhood memory took roots in his commitment to thrust the family business to greater heights. “Those two experience­s really taught me the value of innovation and constantly finding ways to give customers something they didn’t know they wanted or needed yet,” he explains.


“To avoid taking a fall, you just have to keep peddling through”

The long periods of quarantine in the country made online shopping the norm. But this means businesses that are out of or have yet to navigate the digital landscape suffered. Physical stores closed down indefinite­ly, including some branches of Toby’s Sports. Fortunatel­y for the company, Claudio shares, “Fitness gear started to be treated as ‘essential items’ during the pandemic.”

Living in a health crisis highlighte­d the importance of keeping fit. People started investing in sports equipment and fitness accessorie­s as they spend more time indoors. As a top-of-mind sports retail chain here, Toby’s Sports found ways to accommodat­e this growing need while keeping their employees safe.

They shifted their attention to e-commerce and along the way, and discovered better ways to communicat­e with clients. “Aside from our online stores, one way was [through] our Viber Chat and Collect hotlines,” Claudio explains. This allows customers to navigate through their preferred gear, and pick up or have these delivered from the branch closest to their home.

“We’ve even expanded our e-commerce operations to include,, and urbanathle­,” he continues.


In any crisis, leading an entire company, let alone different businesses, to survive is not an easy journey. To illustrate his point, Claudio draws on the image of a bike riding through a rough terrain.

“To avoid taking a fall, you just have to keep peddling [through]. You may not know exactly where you’ll end up, but as long as you keep the wheels turning and pedal hard [through] the roughest stuff then you will eventually get [through] the other side.”

Getting through this pandemic is also dependent on the cooperatio­n of people. But without proper leadership and a solid purpose, this unity may fail. Claudio explains this is how he led Quorum Internatio­nal Inc. to pull through the ongoing crisis. “I believe that leadership is both an art and science,” he affirms.

To be an effective leader, he believes his background in playing sports like basketball, tennis, badminton, and baseball helped shape him. “I learned how to maintain composure [through] adversity, and strategize when you are up against a tough competitor.”

Beyond experience­s, having an open mind and honing of one’s skills are crucial. Constant learning, possessing a clear vision, and having genuine passion, he says, are the three most important values a leader should have, especially in a crisis.

Above all, leadership is also about encouragin­g harmony within the team. For Toby’s Sports, he believes it is teamwork that enabled it to survive. Cooperatio­n and dedication continue to help them achieve their ultimate goal which is to “help Filipinos become champions in sports and life.”

“We will continue helping customers find the best products to help them play and workout better”


In his 21 years as president, Claudio says the words of Intel Corporatio­n founder Andy Grove inspires him: “Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them.”

Keeping this in mind helps him facilitate not only the survival but also the success of Toby’s Sports.

Despite the lockdowns, social distancing protocols, and surge in online retail, he believes their companies will pull through. “We still believe that when this is over, people will want physical experience­s,” he claims. He views the investment in an enormous flagship store of Toby’s Sports in Bonifacio Global remains relevant.

“That’s why we put such things as our instore Interactiv­e Walls and our Click and Collect station. [Together] with the Launch Zone and Play Zone where we can host events that really engage, teach and inspire our customer,” he describes.

These great plans reinforce the need to adapt as health and fitness become crucial, now more than ever. “We will continue helping customers find the best products to help them play and work out better.”


When the anxiety and uncertaint­y of the pandemic takes a toll on him, “a regular fitness regimen helped me cope,” Claudio shares. He does triathlon consisting of 1 to 1.5 hours of cardio through cycling or running.

On alternate days, he does weight training. When he cycles, he takes an average of 130km every week. It may be a rigorous routine, but for someone who grew up playing sports and is constantly surrounded by it, working out is the most natural way to help him relieve stress. “I realized that you really have to take care of yourself to be able to function at your best and lead your team,” he adds.

From caring of oneself, he emphasizes the effect of being an optimist. “When things are this bad, it’s necessary to plan for the worst, but also to keep everyone’s hopes up that ‘ this too shall pass,’” he clarifies. Holding on to a possibilit­y of a good future influences his team to keep working hard despite the difficulti­es.

Along the way, he earned realizatio­ns that will always resonate with him. He understood how “valuable our small freedoms are. [It] gives me a better appreciati­on of all the things we can do and enjoy when we are all safe from the pandemic.”

For now, he leads his team to help Filipinos live their best through upholding the values of their multi-retail sports companies: “passion for sports, excellence in our products and services, and innovation in the way we help our customers.”

“I believe that leadership is both an art and science,”

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