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Sophistica­ted and versatile, the new Fiorever jewellery collection by BVLGARI is a joyous floral icon inspired by Rome’s eternal romance

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Adored by Romans of then and now, the flower has been revered as a symbol of joy and passion. Romantic, celebrator­y, and sometimes mystical, these are the qualities every bloom evokes–synthesize­d in the Fiorever jewelry collection by Bvlgari.

With a name that marries the words “forever” and “fiore”, meaning flower in Italian, this radiant jewellery collection celebrates this natural motif as a timeless emblem of happiness and lightheart­ed spontaneit­y, infused with the touch of Bvlgari romanticis­m.

Bvlgari introduces an exclusive white gold and diamond parure made of two convertibl­e jewels. The diamond-clad necklace is finished with a flower-shaped closure, while its central diamond can be easily styled into a brooch. The ultra-feminine white gold earrings with a single row of cascading diamonds can turn into flower-shaped stud earrings by simply detaching the pendant. Convertibl­e jewellery is deeply rooted in Bvlgari’s DNA, and now finds new ways of radiant and cheerful expression.

Completing the parure is a dazzling white gold and diamond bracelet, designed with a new practical closure for a seamless look. The show-stopping spiral ring features a dazzling flower at one end, while a petal blown away from the wind finds itself on the other. Light and elegant, single flower pendants in rose or white gold–a scaled down interpreta­tion of the fourpetal motif–delicately sparkle for everyday wear. For a dash of color like the blooms on a field, three new pendants add vibrancy: sapphire and emerald in white gold, and ruby in rose gold.

Sparkling, graceful and naturally elegant, Fiorever is a collection to take Rome’s joyful spirit with you, wherever you go.

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