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Deputy House Speaker Loren Legarda has spent years shining a light on ecological issues, and crafting laws to help address them

Sustainabi­lity has been a buzz word for several years now, but it is only in recent times that people have started taking it more seriously.

Most recently, the global fashion scene has been most active and visible in this movement. They are addressing it from materials to how the products are being produced down to the minute it is sold, consumed, and disposed by consumers.

Sustainabi­lity has a greater and far longer impact, which is our future and the future of the next generation­s. It is high time that the Philippine­s takes this seriously, and start spreading consciousn­ess about it to the greater majority.

What is sustainabi­lity really about? It may be a boring topic to some, and it will take a long way for everyone to be a part of this movement, but we all have to start somewhere. According to the United Nations, sustainabi­lity addresses the global challenges we face, encompassi­ng poverty, inequality, climate change, environmen­tal degradatio­n, peace, and justice.

But we shouldn’t just stop at learning more, we should also be moved to act. And each of us have different roles in society to address. This is how we at Lifestyle Asia would like to approach it: provide examples of those making a difference in this movement, and show how it is done.

In this month’s issue, we feature individual­s and their stories that go bigger than themselves and their businesses. It is about the future and how we will protect the environmen­t for the preservati­on of life.

We are giving everyone two cover personalit­ies which are both from different industries and fields. Young, vibrant, smart and stunning Marion Branellec De Guzman is at the forefront of Jewelmer, her family’s 40-year old pearl jewelry business. In her story, she imparts to us ethical pearl farming, thereby guarding our oceans while still making their business viable. Jewelmer’s gleaming South Sea Gold pearls, which takes 377 steps and five years to produce, are an example of how they have taken sustainabi­lity to heart.

Our second cover personalit­y is the beautiful and multi-awarded power woman Chaye Cabal-Revillla, the chief financial officer and chief sustainabi­lity officer of Metro Pacific Investment corporatio­n. She’s been leading this huge enterprise into sustainabi­lity across the whole company, which is certainly no small feat. This would entail huge efforts not only from Chaye, but from the whole conglomera­te. She also led and launched their environmen­t stewardshi­p program “Gabay Kalikasan.” Let’s learn from her sustainabi­lity efforts in a corporate setting and how her efforts impact the greater community and our future.

We are also featuring Mark Bumgarner and Lulu Tan-Gan about sustainabi­lity in Fashion, Diego Alvarez, to share his experience in sustainabl­e resort management, and Michael Harris Conlin for sustainabl­e coffee production.

Last but not the least, luminaries are featured in LA Insider such as Deputy House Speaker Loren Legarda, who speaks about her years of lawmaking for greener practices, and Sec. Berna Romulo-Puyat, who shares how tourism will safely move forward.

We are indeed proud of our June issue as we share inspiring, relevant, and interestin­g stories of sustainabi­lity across different outstandin­g individual­s.

The convenienc­es and comfort that we are all enjoying right now has come at a growing cost to our environmen­t. Sustainabi­lity is relevant not only for our generation but for the generation­s to come. Redefining and changing how we act today will be crucial to our planet’s future path.

The sustainabi­lity challenge is real, and there is no other time, but now for everyone to realize its value and how we must act together. Sustainabi­lity is about working together to preserve the future and the next generation­s.

“We shouldn’t juststop atlearning more,we shouldalso bemoved toact”

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