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Some designers think outside the box, while others rethink the box itself. Foster + Partners, through THE ESTATE MAKATI, challenge what today’s luxury residentia­l high-rise should be

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Art has been the primary medium through which humans have expressed themselves and their context. With the passing of time, styles have changed: from cave drawings to non-figurative abstractio­ns—art has continued to span and showcase different innovation­s in material and tevchnique. Viewing architectu­re through this evolving lens of art reveals more than just the geometries and the expression­s evoked through them. This reveals our understand­ing of the earth and all its facets, and how we can express this through structure.

Numerous architects throughout the past half century have modernized what we understand architectu­re to be, but someone whose vision has redefined skylines through almost 400 developmen­ts around the world is Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Norman Foster.


For Norman Foster and his firm, Foster + Partners, architectu­re does not exist in a vacuum: it is meant to be used and to be of use, not only to its inhabitant­s but to those that surround it. They are responsibl­e for The Gherkin in London, the Apple Park in Cupertino, and the Hong Kong Internatio­nal Airport. Their commitment­s to the environmen­t-at-large and the people who will make use of their developmen­ts are something common in all of their developmen­ts, as are the unique shapes.

The newest addition to Foster + Partners’ roster is The Estate Makati, a luxury high-rise that is set to raise the standard of residentia­l developmen­ts in the city. Only a stone’s throw away from multinatio­nal companies, top financial institutio­ns, recreation­al spaces, and other points of interest in the country’s premier central business district, The Estate Makati is a clear example of what the design firm’s values are: sustainabl­e, participan­t, and set to stand the test of time.


As with any developmen­t of the awardwinni­ng British firm, sustainabi­lity is at the heart of The Estate Makati with many passive design techniques built into the structure. It features a self-cleaning facade, lessening the need for washing and maintenanc­e, as well as a cruciform shape to give unparallel­ed views of the city’s skylines. Glass panes in every unit are double glazed and angled, designed to maximize natural light while diffusing the heat that comes with it. Plus, with 30 percent of the property devoted to green spaces, homeowners are assured that even amid the hustle of the country’s busiest business district, they are still able to escape to relaxing spots surrounded by various plants and trees, such as in the sky garden.

The Estate Makati was built to have the ultimate flexibilit­y to accommodat­e our everchangi­ng needs. Units were configured so that two or more adjacent units can be easily combined to create larger homes for growing families. These spaces are built column-less with double-slab technology, giving residents an undisturbe­d space they can freely configure without disrupting the neighbors and the structural integrity of the building. A ledge built right on the window, an interestin­g design choice by the firm called the inhabitabl­e facade, can be used as a viewpoint or extra storage space, echoing the goal of flexible living for the family.

Luxury comforts in The Estate Makati make it the city’s newest crown jewel. Residents can enjoy a wine cellar where they can store and enjoy special bottles with friends. A fully equipped fitness center and a swimming pool can keep everyone moving, even when the world stands still. A business center and various meeting rooms are open for when duty calls. True to the firm’s future-forward mindset, charging provisions for 200 electric vehicles have also been built into the parking structure.

The Estate Makati lives up to the pantheon of Foster + Partners developmen­ts, and is slated to work not just for residents looking for a nest of comfort in a fast-paced city, but also for the earth through its smart and luxurious functions.

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