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Inner Peace is the new wealth


Ifirmly believe that no matter how beautiful your face and skin are, how toned your body is, or how healthy your organs are, it boils down to the state of your mind. Your face, your skin, your body and your organs get affected if you are stressed, or not in a good mental state. This is the reality of it all. We live in a world that is more stressful than ever. We cannot deny the fact that the world is crueler. That said, self-love and self-care are the new buzzwords. The focus on self has become more crucial to survive and thrive. Rightly so, we should take care of, or must I say, love ourselves in however way we want: from the way we look, how we eat, and how we think must all be in a healthy beautiful state. With no judgements; whatever makes us happy.

Happiness and inner peace are in a way interrelat­ed. If we are happy, we have inner peace, can we have inner peace if we are not happy? I don’t think so. As I always say, do whatever makes you happy. But not at the expense of anyone for that matter.

Our cover personalit­y for the month of July is a fierce, strong, confident, smart and a beautiful woman: Ces Drilon. She is a veteran and has an impressive career in the field of journalism, and she has always fought for truth and what she believes in. She is a principled woman who has gone through a lot but neverthele­ss always rising above it all. She radiates positivity despite being at the cusp of change in her life. Her inspiring story is above and beyond another story that needs to be told as it can inspire and help us all recognize the real meaning of beauty and loving ourselves in the right balance.

We are also featuring other individual­s with uplifting stories to tell of nurturing oneself, mind, body and soul. One of them is Isabelle Daza. She believes that her workout discipline, unwinding and nurturing her family gives her the energy during these tough times. Sara Black, a known photograph­er, has taken a different path, one to achieve real peace, happiness, and deeper love. Read her story to learn about her journey.

Fitness coach to the affluent and influentia­l, Selu Lozano explains the value of working out and of physical conditioni­ng in creating a more productive lifestyle. Last but definitely not the least of our special features are astonishin­g women Juana Yupangco and Bianca Araneta-elizade. These two women have devoted their lives in espousing healthy eating and healthy living. They believe in beauty and healthy living. It’s a journey that each and one of us needs to understand and choose as it impacts our lives greatly. As they always say, we are what we eat.

At the end of the day, taking care of ourselves, body, mind, and soul is a choice. No one else can decide this for us but ourselves. As basic as doing facials, applying skincare products can change our mood. Working out or even just walking as a form of physical exercise can avert future heart attacks. Eating healthily can make our skin glow and look radiant. Meditating, unwinding to take out stress can actually prevent cancer. Everything is a choice. What we are doing here is just telling stories that will give you all the right perspectiv­e and mindset to make that change in your life. The choice is still yours.

“Taking care of ourselves, body, mind, and soul is a choice. No one else can decide this for us but ourselves”

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