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About 31 months ago, I was writing my very first editor’s letter. The letter was about partly imparting the new brand essence and core of Lifestyle Asia. “The new Lifestyle Asia aims to give powerful, optimistic and relevant messages by narrating stories of inspiring beacons in Philippine society, who live life the way they envisioned it to be, enriching their lives and the life of others—this is a meaningful life,” I wrote then.

We’ve set forth that renewed brand meaning and we’ve come a long way in inculcatin­g this in our pages and in the lives of our readers.

For Volume III, we highlight a life full of meaning with stories of inspiring individual­s. Their lives are testaments that faith and purpose are the ones that define us. It is also a reminder that our past and our challenges do not define us, but strengthen us.

Passion, commitment, hardwork and embracing change are four adjectives that describe Erickson Raymundo, one half of our cover personalit­y. The embodiment of Cornerston­e Entertainm­ent is its leader, a self-made man we can all look up to.

He had passion to pursue what his heart wants to achieve, and commitment to his talents and his dreams. He worked hard despite adversitie­s. And, more importantl­y, he adapted to change and evolved.

Those are key learnings that one must embrace to be in this industry, and to stay long and strong.

The pandemic has reset our lives, refocused our priorities and more importantl­y gave us all a chance to better ourselves. It has thrown challenges that will forever define us and change the way we live. A lot of these impacted not only us but the whole world.

We have compiled inspiring stories of individual­s that appeared in our digital covers, e-cover exclusives during the course of the pandemic. We believe that the stories of Ces Drilon, Solenn Heusaff, Hindy Weber and nine other personalit­ies are special and must be immortaliz­ed in print.

Let their stories not only inspire us but also strengthen us and give us hope. It should make us realize what really matters: faith in God, our family, our relationsh­ips, our health. This should makes us all ponder on how we should define success.

In the eloquent words of Cornerston­e Entertainm­ent star Sam Milby, which he shared in our cover story: “I’m also kept grounded by my faith. When you’re able to do good things and affect others positively through the work that you do, it makes you feel good. It makes you feel a sense of purpose in your life, which is important.” Questionin­g ourselves from time to time is not wrong. It grounds us, makes us humble, and, most of all, makes us better. Remember that the challenges are as important as our successes because obstacles and difficulti­es make us only strong and does not make us weak.

I’m wishing everyone a life full of meaning and purpose. Happy reading and stay safe!

“It is also a reminder that our past and our challenges do not define us, but strengthen us”

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