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French luxury hair and scalp KÉRASTASE believes in individual­ity, and this is evident in its signature rituals


According to Kérastase, they have a “care-first philosophy.”

“We work with the best hairdresse­rs to provide to all women the ultimate solutions to care for their hair,” it reads on their company website. “At Kérastase, we believe there is not one single interpreta­tion of beauty but an infinity. We enhance all types of beauty, cultures, visions... and of course, all types of hair.”

Since the French luxury hair and scalp brand advocates for individual­ity, personaliz­ed hair care through diagnosis is done to understand each woman's individual needs. It has come up with lines that highlight rare and highly concentrat­ed ingredient­s that sink deep into the fibers, healing the hair from the inside out.

These Kérastase Rituals revolve around the majority of hair concerns:

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