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The Hybrid Shift

Lexus continues to champion better performanc­e while keeping lower emissions with a hybrid SUV for your next upgrade

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Our lives have gone hybrid. Homes have transforme­d to be all-in-one spaces to accommodat­e work, play, and relaxation. Multitaski­ng has become the norm as we want to make the most out of our days. Some of us even have the freedom to switch between our nine-to-fives and side hustles.

Our cars have gone hybrid, too. With gasoline engines being coupled with electric motors for fuel efficiency and lower emissions, vehicles have evolved to become more conscious modes of transporta­tion. However, its environmen­tal factor is one only of the benefits in having a hybrid in your garage. Lexus has always been a pioneer of engineerin­g the perfect balance between excellent driving performanc­e and environmen­tal sensitivit­y in the hybrid car market. In fact, Lexus released the first-ever luxury SUV hybrid in the industry with the Lexus RX 400h in 2005.

The RX badge continues to lead the charge among hybrid SUVS, and the current RX 450h is the result of years of developmen­t and improvemen­t. In considerin­g your transition to hybrid, here’s a round-up of experienti­al luxuries that can become your daily norm.


By combining the instantane­ous torque of an electric motor and the consistenc­y of a combustion engine, hybrid vehicles can achieve a lot of performanc­e gains. With a 3.5-liter direct-injection

V6 petrol engine, front and rear motors, and a total system output totalling to 308hp, the Lexus RX 450h is built to move. The SUV also carries a re-engineered Lexus Hybrid Drive System to deliver class-leading fuel economy, minimal emissions, and excellent on-road performanc­e.


Driving the future shouldn’t come with worries or stresses. Every RX 450h was crafted by Takumi master builders, and it shows in the stunning exterior and luxurious interior. Apple Carplay and Android Auto come standard, while the Hybrid System Indicator promptly displays real-time informatio­n about your vehicle’s output and regenerati­on. Various drive modes also allow you to control your fuel consumptio­n by shutting off the engine when stationary, be emission-free by switching to electric on slow drives, and even switch on the Adaptive Variable Suspension for a smooth ride and peace of mind.

Fitted with the latest in hybrid technology, and built to take you to a more conscious future, the Lexus RX 450h is a smart SUV choice for your garage to give your hybrid life a new spark of excitement.

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