Bare your best and proud­est skin yet with a cu­rated grooming round-up that de­spite its the­matic sur­face of blue, is far from bring­ing glum to your rou­tine



The gen­er­a­tion’s pen­chant for cus­tomiza­tion and DIY has seeped into main­stream skin­care, where Clin­ique rec­og­nizes the know-how of the con­sumer and uses it as a ma­trix to their tech­nol­ogy. Press­ing on that "cus­tomiza­tion is in­clu­sion,” the brand puts forth the Clin­ique iD Dra­mat­i­cally Dif­fer­ent Hy­drat­ing Jelly + Ac­tive Car­tridge Concentrat­e, a rev­o­lu­tion­ary hy­dra­tor and po­tent blend that tar­gets spe­cific skin con­cerns. Guar­an­tee­ing a 24hour hy­dra­tion, repair, and ag­gres­sor pro­tec­tion, the for­mu­la­tion, with its Clean Shield Tech­nol­ogy and Ac­tive Car­tridge Concentrat­e for Pores and Un­even Tex­ture de­liv­ers fo­cused ac­tives, re­duc­ing the look of pores, even­tu­ally evening out the skin.


When­ever a num­ber is af­fixed to a prod­uct, it does two things: for­tify its sci­en­tific claim and in­ad­ver­tently, in­tim­i­date with its math­e­mat­ics. Skip­ping the tech­ni­cal pres­sure, Peter Thomas Roth of­fers a multi-task­ing ton­ing com­plex that pro­vides an ef­fec­tive solution for fine lines, wrin­kles, un­even skin tone, and pores. Managing to brighten, clar­ify, and smoothen, the en­riched 8% Gly­colic Solutions Toner is made bet­ter with the in­clu­sion of the oil-re­duc­ing witch hazel, which ex­pertly ex­fo­li­ates the skin’s sur­face and re­duces im­pu­ri­ties, en­sur­ing a more clar­i­fied com­plex­ion. Mean­while, the com­bi­na­tion of al­lan­toin, chamomile, and aloe vera join forces to soothe and hy­drate the skin.


"In the fell clutch of cir­cum­stance, I have not winced nor cried aloud,” and so goes the sem­i­nal clas­sic poem, In­vic­tus by Wil­liam Ernest Hen­ley. With a fra­grance straight up in­spired by the cor­ner­stone piece of lit­er­a­ture, one would expect a bold scent with enough silage to power through the day—and the lat­est it­er­a­tion com­mands just that. An aquatic blend of metal­lic gera­nium, fiery lau­rel, salty grapefruit, hon­eyed mead, red am­ber, and ga­iac wood, the scent ul­ti­mately rounds it­self out as a sen­sual whole. Charged as it is, a spray is enough to evoke the sear­ing last lines of the poem it traces ori­gins from: "I am the master of my fate, I am the cap­tain of my soul.”


A lot of ex­ter­nal fac­tors will take a toll on your skin, which when not ad­dressed sooner, will im­pose pos­si­bly ir­re­versible da­m­ages to your com­plex­ion. Ad­dress­ing ev­ery­thing from the ex­treme to the sub­tle that stack up, Clar­ins helps weak­ened skin fight back with Repair Booster, a unique and en­riched for­mula that com­bats skin suf­fer­ing from red­ness or dam­aged by sun­burn or ex­treme cold, as well as op­ti­mizes cu­ta­neous re­cov­ery. A pam­per­ing treat, it uses ex­tracts of Mi­mosa Tenui­flora, a medic­i­nal plant well-re­garded in the Mayan tra­di­tion for its re­gen­er­at­ing prop­er­ties. As it is ul­tra-con­cen­trated, it is ad­vised to use spar­ingly and thought­fully with your usual skin care sta­ples.


Pro­vid­ing a solution for one of the most es­sen­tial book­ends to your day-to-day, Swedish-based brand, Foreo, comes up with the world’s most so­phis­ti­cated elec­tric tooth­brush, the Issa Hy­brid. A clever, er­gonomic, and in­tu­itive at-home den­tal solution, the in­no­va­tive piece of tech­nol­ogy gets an up­date with a head fit­ted with PBT poly­mer bris­tles for more vig­or­ous clean­ing with­out it be­ing un­com­fort­ably abra­sive. Still present are stel­lar fea­tures such as the eight-speed in­ter­face that en­ables you to ad­just the pul­sa­tion fre­quency, en­abling it the brush to move in two di­rec­tions, mak­ing for an efficient, flex­i­ble, and quad rant en­com­pass­ing clean be­tween the teeth, re­veal­ing a whiter and brighter smile with dili­gent use.


One of the more mag­i­cal mo­ments of re­lent­ing to the em­brace of the open seas is that split sec­ond splash where the sun and salt wa­ter con­verges in an al­most po­etic slow­ing of time. Cap­tur­ing this spir­ited merg­ing of the el­e­ments is Costa Az­zurra Acqua, the ex­hil­a­rat­ing twist to the Tom Ford sig­na­ture. Burst­ing with a zing of lemon and ju­niper berries, the scent then tan­gles with a hit of cy­press and myr­tle, be­fore be­ing as­suaged to a pul­sat­ing, throb­bing heat with the warmth of am­ber and lab­danum. A unique jux­ta­po­si­tion of ironies, this bottled memory is quite the ex­pe­ri­ence, es­pe­cially as it set­tles to the chem­istry and sen­su­ous hol­lows of the skin.

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