MEGA : 2019-06-02



PEEWEE REYES-ISIDRO Editor-In-Chief Creative Director AssociateE­ditor Fashion Editor Fashion Associate Beauty & Features Editor Editorial Admin Associate Art Director FinalArtis­ts R J R O Q U E FRANCHESCA TESTA MARELLA RICKETTS D A N I E L R E Y E S S H A I R A B U N G C A G Style Editor Features Digital Content Writer Beauty Digital Content Writer Fashion Digital Content Writer Multimedia Artist Photograph­ers HAROLD JULIAN, JERICK SANCHEZ, MJ SUAYAN, DOOKIE DUCAY, ERWIN CANLAS, RXANDY CAPINPIN, ED SIMON,FLOYD JHOCSON, KIERAN PUNAY, MIGUEL ABESAMIS, YUKIE SARTO Publisher Brand Associate Founding Editor SUKI SALVADOR ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA J E B F R O N D A LYN ALUMNO T R I N A E P I L E P S I A T H E A B O U TA I N M A R T I N JANN PASCUA ERIC GALLEGO, MARK VILLANUEVA ARCHIE CARRASCO J A N I N E R E C T O SARI V. YAP

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