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Call­ing all foodie In­sta­gram­mers: the frozen-fruit- and milk-based ice pops at I See I See’s four city lo­ca­tions are made to brighten your feed. Th­ese bliss­fully beau­ti­ful sweet treats are made in small batches us­ing a quick-freeze method, re­sult­ing in smaller ice crys­tals and thus a smoother, snow-like tex­ture. From cin­na­mon

Fuji ap­ple and Earl Grey pistachio to black-pep­per mango pas­sion­fruit and matcha red rice, the flavours are unique, sea­sonal and, most im­por­tant, 100 per­cent de­li­cious. Tech­ni­cally it’s not gelato, but when it’s this good, who cares?

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