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A per­son’s ring size may change over time ow­ing to age, in­jury or weight change. A jew­eller may be able to re­size your ring, although this de­pends on its de­sign.

Mea­sure your finger size at the end of the day when your fin­gers are at their largest (like siz­ing shoes).

Don’t mea­sure finger sizes when your hands are cold; let them warm up to room tem­per­a­ture. If your finger falls be­tween two sizes, choose the larger size to make sure it will fit; a wider ring may re­quire a slightly larger size, be­cause it cov­ers more of your finger.

Wrap a piece of string or a strip of pa­per around your finger. Mark the point where the two ends meet. Mea­sure the string or pa­per against a ruler to get the cir­cum­fer­ence of your finger. Di­vide that by 3.14 to get the di­am­e­ter of your finger. Look up your ring size us­ing the ta­ble shown on the right.

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