Glam­our and bal­ance in the en­ergy of fine jew­ellery

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From the shells and feath­ers that our cen­turies-old an­ces­tors wore, to the crown jew­els that adorned the world’s most revered royal fam­i­lies, jew­ellery have been sought-af­ter for their dec­o­ra­tive ap­peal. But be­yond the sparkle and aes­thet­ics, jew­ellery have also been cov­eted for their mys­ti­cal prop­er­ties — as love mag­nets, pro­tec­tors against evil, en­ergy en­hancers, and fer­til­ity boost­ers, among oth­ers.

Gem­stones are be­lieved to pos­sess meta­phys­i­cal prop­er­ties that can af­fect us in many ways. Want to boost pro­duc­tiv­ity at work? Look­ing to ward off neg­a­tiv­ity? Or how about at­tract­ing love? There’s a gem­stone that can aid us in al­most any sit­u­a­tion. Know­ing which gem­stone works best for your per­son­al­ity can make you look and feel good — and draw good feng shui in your favour.

Feng shui isn’t magic; it is also not rocket science. It’s about bal­anc­ing en­er­gies. It’s a com­plex topic, but thank­fully there are ba­sics that can guide us within its labyrinthine realm. Feng shui has five el­e­ments, and the year you are born de­ter­mines your el­e­men­tal sign — Fire, Wa­ter, Earth, Me­tal, and Wood. The right choice of colour can help you strengthen or weaken your el­e­men­tal traits.

Those born in the Year of the Fire are nat­u­rally cre­ative, con­fi­dent, and fun-lov­ing. Wear­ing red gem­stones reg­u­larly will help am­plify th­ese char­ac­ter­is­tics, while earth colours can tone them down. Red is the most dom­i­nant colour in feng shui, and can put any­one on the spot­light with­out much ef­fort — pretty much what a Burmese ruby can do at an auc­tion! Red must be worn with cau­tion, though, if your ul­ti­mate goal is to blend in. Go­ing for the more muted hues of pink and pur­ple

Feng shui isn’t magic; it is about bal­anc­ing en­er­gies

Gem­stones are be­lieved to pos­sess meta­phys­i­cal prop­er­ties that can af­fect us in many ways

such as amethyst or pink sap­phire will solve much of this dilemma. Red is also the colour of love, and wear­ing a heart-shaped pen­dant with red gem­stones re­flects your com­pas­sion.

Those born in the Year of the Earth will find yel­low and brown gem­stones use­ful, as th­ese will help them en­hance their nur­tur­ing, dis­creet, and prac­ti­cal na­ture. Go for amber, cit­rine, tiger’seye, yel­low sap­phire, and yel­low tour­ma­line. How­ever, if you find your per­son­al­ity work­ing to your dis­ad­van­tage, go­ing for more neu­tral tones such as chal­cedony and hematite will help you fine­tune your en­ergy.

Grey or white gem­stones are ideal for those born in the Year of the Me­tal as th­ese colours can help them stay res­o­lute even in the most stress­ful sit­u­a­tions. A moon­stone ring is good to have. Pearls are also a del­i­cate favourite with a calm­ing ef­fect. A South Sea pearl neck­lace is an el­e­gant choice for im­por­tant meet­ings. Ob­sid­ian and pyrite are also good choices.

Blue or black gem­stones are good for those born in the Year of the Wa­ter. They can act as re­flec­tors — re­flect­ing back what­ever neg­a­tive en­ergy you are get­ting from other peo­ple. Aven­turine, azu­rite, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, sap­phires, and turquoise have a wide range of hues that re­flect the sea and sky.

Green gem­stones are the pre­ferred choice for those born in the Year of the Wood. Green is a sym­bol of re­birth and growth. It is also the colour of money, and wear­ing it can im­prove your per­sonal fi­nances, es­pe­cially if worn close to your hands. An emer­ald bracelet or mala­chite ring will help keep wealth within reach. Jade is also highly favoured for its green colour. A jade bracelet will help its wearer im­prove not only wealth but also health. Agate and peri­dot can in­crease the wearer’s re­source­ful­ness and pos­i­tive think­ing.


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