Solitaire (Singapore)

Retreating Into Fantasy

- Anton D. Javier Deputy Editor

Ever since my first visit to Japan in 2014, I’ve made it a point to visit at least twice a year. Once in the spring and another one in the fall because it’s during those two seasons where the country is at its most beautiful. I rarely go in the winter because it’s too cold for my tropical blood.

When I visit Tokyo, I look forward to becoming one with its busy streets. And as a creature of habit, I tend to revisit my favourite neighbourh­oods, boutiques, and restaurant­s, all while imagining what life would be like if I actually lived there.

And when I choose to go somewhere more rural, I take it as an opportunit­y to disappear. To recharge and to remind myself that silence and momentary solitude does wonders for the soul.

As I write this from my living room – where I’ve been spending most of my time for the past three months – I am reminded to be thankful for the memories of Japan I’ve amassed over the years, allowing me to retreat into a world of fantasy whenever I need it.

I had a trip scheduled in April, with the intention of purchasing new ceramics for my home. But as you all know, reality hit us hard out of nowhere. So for now, I will patiently wait for the opportunit­y to visit again.

What about you? What have you been fantasizin­g about?

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