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Valery Demure of Objet d’emotion talks about transformi­ng her dream jewellery retail concept into a reality

- Words by

Preeta Agarwal

Objet d’emotion is a fine jewellery shopping platform curated by Valery Demure. Founded in October 2018, it presents a selection of talented jewellery artists and aims to connect jewellery lovers with up-and-coming designers.

Demure, who is a regular exhibitor at the PAD Paris art and design fair, selects contempora­ry designers to feature for their strong aesthetics and distinct design signatures. These include the likes of Silvia Furmanovic­h, Alice

Cicolini, Francesca Villa, Neha Dani, Yael Sonia, Melanie Georgacopo­ulos, Nada Ghazal, and Ioanna Souflia.

The French-born, London-based PR maven launched her agency in London in 2005 where she works across the entire spectrum of Pr/communicat­ion, sales, consultanc­y and retail. Over the years, she has built a stellar reputation for anticipati­ng trends and discoverin­g unique talent for jewellery that immediatel­y stands out.

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