Solitaire (Singapore)

Luxury In Flux

- Anton D. Javier Deputy Editor

The definition of luxury is constantly being turned on its head; its meaning changing depending on who you ask. Today, luxury is more than just an expensive, hard-toobtain object – it could also be a mindset that allows for authentici­ty and personal satisfacti­on.

However, we can’t talk about luxury without jewellery being involved. But beyond the glitz of gold and the glamour of precious stones, jewellery as a luxury item is going through an evolution as well, which is something we try to uncover in Jewels in A Metaverse Wonderland (page 30). We try to make sense of how buzzwords like tech, blockchain, and NFTS are slowly being associated with the craft, and discover how a select group of individual­s are bringing the centuries-old tradition into a completely different world.

In addition to jewels floating around in the metaverse, we turn our attention to jewellers who are adopting unique techniques like 3D printing (page 48), as well as a select few who have mastered the use of unconventi­onal materials like ceramic (page 60). We’ve also got an exciting lineup of new names in the business who are creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are oozing with creativity and talent (page 36).

Beyond jewellery, we also have a lineup of personalit­ies who are championin­g a variety of luxurious pursuits – namely shopping, art, and dining. They talk to us about the changes their respective industries are going through, as well as shed light on what’s to come now that we are coming to terms with living with Covid-19.

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