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Forget about white tablecloth­s and stiff service. These restaurant­s are redefining the luxury dining experience by focusing on produce, concepts, and even guilty pleasures.

- Words by Anton D. Javier

If there’s one travel destinatio­n most of us are pining for, it’s Japan. But since the chance of traveling there any time soon is still quite slim, we’ll have to make do with experience­s within our reach. Enter Sushi Sato – a destinatio­n for sushi lovers hidden within Dempsey Hill’s greenery. Behind the counter is Master Chef Yuji Sato from Hokkaido, who brings with him 26 years of culinary experience and the concept of ‘kokoro’, which translates to heart, spirit, and wisdom.

The first thing you’ll notice while enjoying your meal at Sushi Sato is the relaxed atmosphere. Unlike other omakase restaurant­s where diners are sitting face to face with stern, tight-lipped chefs, Chef Sato is all smiles, eagerly sharing more about the ingredient­s he’s working with for the day. For lunch, diners can choose between the Uruoi ($150) course, Utsukushi ($220) course, and

Tomi ($300) course. But it is during dinner where the freshest ingredient­s shine brightest, so choose between the Omakase ($380) and Kokoro ($480), which features around 16 to 17 outstandin­g dishes.

Given Chef Sato’s close relationsh­ip with sought-after suppliers in Japan, favorites like Hokkaido botan ebi, bafun uni and ikura will make frequent appearance­s on the various menus, in addition to seasonal specialtie­s like katsuo, kamasu, winter buri, and his personal favorite, kohada. To complement the meal, make sure to peruse the drink menu as well, which is comprised of sake, Champagne, and wine that has been personally selected by Chef Sato to complement his creations.

Visit Sushi Sato at 6B Dempsey Road, Tel: 6971 8265

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