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Then there’s the fact that NFTS themselves are a marketing device with the potential to attract a non-traditiona­l market for wine. How non-traditiona­l? Compared to today’s crypto millionair­es, even the nouveau riche is old money, given that the person eyeing a wine NFT might just be a 19-year-old making sevenfigur­e sums flipping Crypto Punks – an NFT collection featuring computer-generated, pixel art characters – in their parents’ house.

Cryptocurr­encies, the best-performing asset class in the past decade, have minted more millionair­es than the gold rush or the dot-com boom. The price of Bitcoin has increased 80-fold in the past five years, and according to Bitcoin wallet tracker Bitinfocha­, there are currently over 103,000 Bitcoin (at its current price of US$58,626) addresses with a valuation of over US$1 million, and just under 10,000 addresses with over US$10 million.

Throw in the big earners holding one or more of the multiple altcoins, and you’ve got an entire generation of newly rich under-40s looking to spend their newfound wealth. Chances are, these are millennial­s more used to the idea of drinking craft beer than first-growth Bordeaux; so NFTS would be – or so the wine industry hopes – what wine sellers are looking for with a younger, techfocuse­d crowd.

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