Top Home Decoration Ideas: Where to Luxe and Where Not to




When it comes to home décor and design, quality over quantity should always prevail. Here are some recommenda­tions for making your space feel luxurious and dignified without going overboard.


1. A quality piece

At least one of your furnishing­s must be of optimal quality, even luxurious. That doesn't mean it has to come with a big price tag or be designer branded, it just has to be of solid quality to last for years to come. This piece should also be able to mix with other styles and follow you around wherever life takes you.

2. A piece with history

Often an heirloom, have a piece that anchors your story as a person, a piece that reflects your own history. Whether it is something purchased at a vintage shop or received as a gift, this piece says something about you—let it speak.

3. Framed artwork

There are simply no rules on which art pieces connect with you. Art pieces should be something you enjoy the presence and the visual quality of. Often if pieces are radically different, the only commonalit­y between them might be in the framing. If unsure, opt for white, black or neutral, in different thicknesse­s and matting to complement—and never compete with—the piece.

4. Bathroom amenities

This is the place to spoil yourself; pick top-quality amenities, starting from hand soap, body wash and moisturisi­ng creams. Elevate the whole experience, from the packaging to the product. Also indulge in quality towels, maybe even monogram them, adding a personal touch that tells your guests that you care and you are not afraid of a little pampering.







5. Soft goods

Textiles will add texture and a sense of refinement to a space. Consider replacing sofa or bed pillow covers with ones where the print and textures resonate with your style; throws are also a great accessory that can elevate the character of your home. For that extra chic vibe, infuse this year's Pantone colour, Living Coral, in the soft goods you choose.

6. Custom window coverings

Bespoke window coverings—whether they are blinds or curtains, if something fits properly, it will look good and well appointed.

7. Bold colours

Make a tasteful impact that will have your guests remember your home. Choosing a bold colour that incorporat­es your personalit­y and a welcoming mood will ensure that the space is stately while welcoming. Put up paint samples before committing to one shade; it will help your discerning eye.

8. Greenery and fresh flowers

Invest in small pots and indoor plants. Lavender, aloe and bamboo are all great and some even help purify the air. If you are unsure of your gardening skills, air plants and succulents are easy to care for. Nothing says you care about your guests and the ambiance more than fresh flowers. Choose flowers that appeal to you in colour and appearance; a simple vase will do and your space will feel refined and luxurious. Enhance this with a spritz or two of your favourite fragrance for added glam.

9. Dimmers

A posh feel is often dictated by mood. Explore different moods with warm lighting that can be easily controlled by a dimmer.

10. Avoid over branding

Make sure designer labels, patterns and logos do not bombard your space. Edit them so there is a balance; quality and upscale delights do not necessaril­y need to be advertised. Feel the luxury, don't flaunt it.




紡織品為空間增添質感­及雅致,可切換現有的梳化套或­枕頭套,選取圖案及質感與個人­品味相符的款式;攬枕是很有用的配飾,能夠提升一室格調。若想多一點時尚氣息,可選含有年度彩通( Pantone)色彩(2019年為活珊瑚橘)的柔軟物品。











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 ??  ?? Bernardo Coronado-guerra Executive Director of Design and Operations SCAD Hong Kong薩凡納藝術設­計大學(香港)設計及營運行政總監
Bernardo Coronado-guerra Executive Director of Design and Operations SCAD Hong Kong薩凡納藝術設­計大學(香港)設計及營運行政總監

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