Styling Your Home for a Seasonal Change: Start of Autumn


Each new season offers us the possibilit­y to refresh certain decorative and design aspects of our homes. Here are some simple ideas to inspire you this (and every) autumn; they can also act as mood setters for festivitie­s, birthdays as well as events to come.

1. Hints of colour

Fall is normally associated with earth tones but you don't have to necessaril­y go down this route; pick patterns and solids in the same colour palette and run with it—seasons have different meanings for everyone! If you are wary of patterns, why not try plaid—it comes in every colour combinatio­n imaginable. Remember, these are décor items you can easily swap out and store without taking up much space. Think throw pillows, accent rugs and slipcovers—they come in an array of colours, materials (go with natural), and textures that can easily be folded and put away.

2. Autumn-proof your bar

Nothing says libation station more than a well-stocked bar. For cocktail aficionado­s, a well-appointed beverage cart with the necessary fall ingredient­s will make this autumn a memorable one. Think small accents that can enhance anything from the name to the flavour, and think along the lines of cider, apple, pies, cinnamon, bourbon, pumpkin, nuts, and reimagine them in every shape and colour possible. Small tags with hand-written explanatio­ns of the ingredient­s in your signature cocktail or the name of the hors d'oeuvres you are offering can spice up your game. Alternatin­g different colour or patterned napkins can also add a twist.

3. Florals and scents

Elevate your home's ambience by adding scented candles and/or fragrances, but make sure to test them out beforehand; some can be overly powerful and will exasperate your nose. You do not necessaril­y have to use typical autumn scents but do select something that soothes and defines you as a host and as a person. Centrepiec­es and floral arrangemen­ts are perfect to display and reflect the mood and the season. For autumn, I suggest some dry florals of any colour (but don't overdo it), incorporat­ing twigs, stems and more leaves than usual. Ask your florist about seasonal greenery to place in your main living area. Details can be added to your washroom too—it is always an unexpected detail that will make you and your guests smile.

Remember, whatever season it is, make sure you look after your home: a refresh, if you will. Do this to enhance the senses, reminding them that a renewal and a change (either in mindset or in weather—or both) is in place with a dose of decorative style.

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 ?? Bernardo Coronado-guerra Executive Director of Design and Operations SCAD Hong Kong薩凡納藝術設­計大學(香港)設計及營運行政總監 ??
Bernardo Coronado-guerra Executive Director of Design and Operations SCAD Hong Kong薩凡納藝術設­計大學(香港)設計及營運行政總監

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