5 Hunt for good eats


Ma On Shan has long been lamented for being a bit of a “food desert”— an arid landscape when it comes to good food. However, this doesn't mean that there is a complete absence of eateries. Whitehead Barbecue is a no frills open-air eatery with a covered area for rainy days, where diners grill their own food and kids can play in bouncy castles. Victoria Harbour Roasted Goose Seafood Restaurant is popular locally for both its eponymous dishes as well as roast pork and dim sum. Japanesest­yle café Uchi Coffee serves both sweet and savoury dishes; make yourself comfortabl­e on the tatami seating and tuck into a delicious banana chocolate waffle. The sweet-toothed might also want to pop by Appolo (no, that isn't a typo) on a hot day for their cheap soft serve ice creams.

 ??  ?? Whitehead Barbecue 白石燒烤
Whitehead Barbecue 白石燒烤

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