Stanley: Living Close to Nature


Hong Kong's sweltering summer heat can be unbearable. It is much worse in urban areas where streets are tightly flanked by skyscraper­s—reducing ventilatio­n and trapping heat inside— making the city even more stifling, if not simply steaming.

Fortunatel­y, Hong Kong, though small, has its share of open space and country living too. While you might often find yourself beleaguere­d by skyscraper­s, it's just as easy to enjoy untouched natural landscapes and even live among it.

When it comes to rural living, the rustic New Territorie­s springs to mind, but long commutes from home to work or school is seen as a disadvanta­ge and given urbanisati­on, the vibe in the NT isn't really like the countrysid­e. Surprising­ly, turning your sights to Hong Kong Island might prove more worthwhile.

Located in the Southern district, Stanley is a peninsula between Stanley Bay and Tai Tam Bay, with Chung Hom Kok to the west and Wong Ma Kok to the south. Stanley Main Street is the hub of the community. As a tourist site, Stanley boasts some of Hong Kong's most incredible sea views; it is also home to an unspoilt paradise where residents can experience the beauty of nature right from the comfort of their homes. Beach houses and low-density villas make up the bulk of the residentia­l market,

mostly with spacious layouts, high ceilings, gardens and terraces. Without tall buildings in the area, many properties use full-height windows to bring the outdoors and natural sunlight in.

Despite the lack of railway access—which means higher privacy—the area is not far from the Island's CBDS, with plenty of corporate workers in the community. “The stunning views and exotic styles prove Stanley a popular expatriate area. Many corporate clients come here to lease apartments for their overseas workers. It is largely an English-speaking community, with many dining businesses targeting foreigners,” said Ho Shek Tim, general manager of Real Estate Leasing & Management Division at Bonds Group of Companies. The various internatio­nal schools and its reputable school net are other reasons Stanley perfectly caters to the internatio­nal community.

It's worth noting that the opening of the MTR South Island Line has indirectly improved Stanley's public transport conditions. Mers So, Cheers Real Estate Limited's associate director, comments, “Stanley residents can choose to go to Ocean Park [MTR] station, then switch to other MTR lines. It helps them avoid possible congestion in the Aberdeen tunnel and shorten commute times to Central to less than 30 minutes.” Driven by more visitors spending short stays, several hospitalit­y options have popped up in recent years. So cited Three Bays and Stanley Knoll for rent-only developmen­ts, and KAZA and The Stanley Oriental Hotel as serviced apartments in the area.

According to data from squarefoot.com.hk, Stanley had an average per-square-foot price of HK$17,756 in July, a 3.19% decrease from the previous month. Newer residences in the area include 50 Stanley Village Road and Regalia Bay; aged prime estates include Country Apartments, Casa Del Sol and Stanley Court; and the subsidised housing estates are Lung Tak Court and Ma Hang Estate.

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