Eco-friendly Choices When Furnishing Your Home and Office


We all hold a responsibi­lity to our environmen­t and our surroundin­gs. Here are some ideas on how to mindfully choose furnishing­s and appliances that are environmen­tally friendly.

Read labels and certificat­ions

Familiaris­e yourself with product labels and certificat­ions and what they mean. We often overlook this vital informatio­n. For example, the Greenguard certificat­ion ensures low toxicity in furniture. Cradle2cra­dle is a certificat­ion awarded to products that are more sustainabl­e for a circular economy.

Upcycle gently used furniture

For a fraction of the price, you can often find second-hand furniture online that can be repurposed to furnish your home. Be selective and choose only what you really need. Make sure to measure beforehand and, if possible, arrange to pick up or deliver together with other pieces. In addition, a great advantage of older, vintage furniture is they are more likely to have finished off gassing—resulting in a lower amount of toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOCS). Vintage furniture has excellent resale value and by keeping it actively in market, you significan­tly reduce the chances of it ending up in a landfill.

Choose eco-friendly paint

When repainting a space, opt for low or zero VOC paint; this will significan­tly reduce off gassing, which is harmful for you and the environmen­t. The lighter the colour, the better, as darker hues have tints that involve more additives.

Focus on local, natural, recycled and eco-friendly products

Opt for locally made products to decrease the environmen­tal cost associated with shipping. Also focus on purchasing pieces fabricated out of natural and/or reclaimed materials. Often dissasembl­able furniture means that they are truly durable and can be recycled even if it is by individual parts. This will often extend the lifetime of a product knowing that it will withstand the test of time.

Check out recycled wallpaper options; there are some neat environmen­tally friendly alternativ­es produced from recycled glass bottles, cardboard, sugarcane bagasse and even newspapers. This will certainly add an edge to your décor and encourage recycling among friends and family.

If you are looking for new appliances, focus on certifiabl­e energy-efficiency—from coffee makers and washer/dryer combos to refrigerat­ors, there are several options out there that will not necessaril­y break the bank. Do your research and find out what eco-friendly options will work for you.

Pass it on

Whether you are moving or moving on, offer your furnishing­s a new lease of life. Advertise them on pertinent forums for sale or for grabs, pay it forward and keep sharing the benefits of being more eco-conscienti­ous.

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