Decorating for an Auspicious Chinese New Year


Welcoming the New Year is something we all look forward to. It is a time to rejoice, enjoy, gather, and renew ourselves as well as our surroundin­gs. That can mean many things for us personally but also applies to the space we live in, the places we occupy and the place we call home.

Purge and declutter

This truly means exactly that. In the spirit of renewing, we need to remove and purge those items that we don't need. Start with your wardrobe and those items in your home, be it functional or decorative. If you have not used something in the past year, then there is a chance you don't really need it.

Colour choices

Obviously red is the most auspicious colour to welcome the New Year. So of course, this will be used but it shouldn't be over used. Alternativ­ely, you can go for colours that will complement your décor and will help enhance the spirit of the New Year. Blue, gold and green can make themselves into your home by means of decorative pillows, throws and rugs. Try mixing and matching textiles as well as natural fabrics that will also draw your eye to them. You can incorporat­e jade as a wondrous material through small decorative items to make them stand out amongst other objects. But make sure that whatever it is, it should have a special meaning to you, whether it's an heirloom, a gift or souvenir from a trip, a jade piece should always speak to you.


For the Year of the Rat, plants will make your home feel more welcoming and harmonious. Avoid greenery with sharp edges and place near doors that lead to other spaces. You can also place potted plants next to or outside the main entrance to your apartment, welcoming new and positive energy into your abode. Jade plants and bamboo will add that special touch to your home throughout 2020.

Furniture placement

A great way to make room for new vibes and a new year is to rearrange the furniture in your home. Of course, not everything can or should be moved but consider, at least in your main living space that your sofa shouldn't be backed into a window and shouldn't be looking directly at the door. In case there is no other option, place a table or an ottoman in between the sofa and the door, this will provide a visual barrier that makes the living space one of conviviali­ty.


It is no secret that mirrors will make a space look and feel larger than it is. In our beloved yet spacescarc­e city, this is something we all need. Make sure that mirrors are kept clean, not only is this hygienic but it reflects a state of mind, one that should be positive and harmonious. Mirrors that are framed and perhaps have a thick, handcrafte­d frame will make the space and the mirror feel robust and intentiona­l, welcoming the reflection of the space and oneself.

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