What to look out for with Hong Kong's moving companies.

What to look out for with Hong Kong's moving companies.


Moving homes is usually a stressful and daunting experience. Unless you live an incredibly minimalist lifestyle, a moving company is a must to help you with all the packing, lifting and transporta­tion from point A to B. Luckily, with the logistics industry developing rapidly, as well as the prevalence of social media and online platforms in recent years, most moving companies provide instant communicat­ion and are transparen­t in costs, making the process a lot easier for users. However, with so many moving companies in Hong Kong, each with different cost structures and services, how do you select a company that is most suitable for your moving needs?

Online Quotations

As our modern life becomes completely dependent on computers and smart phones, moving companies have also kept up, offering online quotation and booking, making moving easier than ever. That said, filling out a form online doesn't always give the moving company the full picture of the job required, therefore some companies will schedule home visits to give more precise estimates, especially for larger housing units and those with a lot to transport.

Cost Structure

Different moving companies adopt different cost structures—some charge by the number of items or the combined volume of all items. Although the calculatio­n sounds straightfo­rward on paper, considerin­g the varying conditions of Hong Kong's residentia­l buildings and streets as well as client demands, most companies will only give precise quotations after having a good idea of the specifics of a job. Work out what you need then compare services before making the final decision.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a must for moving homes, but not all companies provide them for free. So if you don't want to spend extra on purchasing them from your moving company, make sure to prepare enough boxes of your own.


Moving companies usually offer compensati­on for accidental damage caused during moving. Be aware that some service providers do not compensate for certain types of items such as stereos and chandelier­s. Needless to say, you should keep an eye on the movers' handling of your possession­s and consider purchasing household movement insurance beforehand.

Additional Costs

Most companies charge additional fees, like stair fees if the movers have to climb stairs to help you move. Some firms have other extra charges. It's always advisable to find out the finer details when asking for a quotation.

Mobile Apps

A number of moving companies in Hong Kong have introduced their own mobile apps. These apps can be more convenient to use than company websites with mostly the same content and functions.

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