Five Things to do in Tsing Yi


Tsing Yi is an island situated to the northwest of Hong Kong Island and south of Tsuen Wan. Though an island, Tsing Yi is grouped as part of Tsuen Wan New Town in the Kwai Tsing district instead of in the Islands district. It used to be an unpopular area to live in because only South Bridge connected Tsing Yi to the rest of Hong Kong, but since the constructi­on of the airport, transporta­tion infrastruc­ture has vastly improved and the island has become a vibrant new town. The northwest quarter is a well-developed residentia­l satellite town, while the southwest remains an industrial area.

1 One for the train spotters

The Lantau Link, formerly known as the Lantau Fixed Crossing, is a major road and rail track linking Hong Kong Internatio­nal Airport to the rest of urban Hong Kong. Lantau Link Visitors Centre displays models, photograph­s and more about the Link. As the 1,377-metre-long Tsing Ma Bridge is a vital component of the Link, there are also videos on the bridge’s constructi­on, with a cross-section of the Tsing Ma Bridge’s main suspension cable displayed outside the centre. The iconic bridge itself can be admired from the viewing platform outside the building. Most people travel in and out of Hong Kong via the Lantau Link and Tsing Ma Bridge, but never pause to marvel at the impressive structure, so this is a good chance to learn a little more about one of Hong Kong’s important architectu­ral feats.

2 Park yourself down for a picnic

Tsing Yi Park is a sizeable public space measuring just over seven hectares. It was designed in a European style and features ornamental lakes with a waterfall, a picnic area, a palm garden and a pond (home to lots of cute turtles and terrapins). Other park facilities include tennis courts, a seven-a-side soccer pitch, a basketball court and a café. Though not quite the season yet, the park’s trees turn a wonderful red and gold during autumn, providing views more like New York’s Central Park. Pack a lunch and spend some time enjoying Hong Kong's mild winter.

3 Shop all day

Stretching 58,000 square feet, the ocean-themed Maritime Square is a major shopping centre in Tsing Yi connected to the MTR station. It boasts hundreds of shops and restaurant­s, including a cinema which almost spans the entire third floor. There is also a large green balcony and roof garden on top of Maritime Square 2—a good spot from which to enjoy scenic views of the Rambler Channel. Maritime Square is also a convenient pit stop on your way to and from Hong Kong Disneyland or Ngong Ping 360. The similarly named Maritime Market is located in Cheung Fat Plaza, and is worth a visit for its design concept, which is also marine themed. The ceiling of the market is decked out with over 5,000 decoration­s of sea creatures and fishing parapherna­lia, and there is also a gigantic 450-inch video wall showing underwater scenes. Fresh seafood is obviously the highlight here, so if you’ve ever wanted to do your weekly shop in an aquarium, here’s your chance.

4 A splashing good time

Currently under maintenanc­e, the Tsing Yi Public Pool is a great place to while the day away when it gets warmer. There is plenty on offer for all age groups, with a main pool, a teaching pool, leisure pool and a toddler’s pool. The grounds also feature a range of big twisty slides and a spectator stand that can seat over 900. This public pool is definitely a good option for families with older children, who will have an absolute blast whizzing down the multicolou­red slides all day. It is expected to open again in April 2020.

5 Hop on an ark

While not exactly situated in Tsing Yi, the nearby small island of Ma Wan contains something of interest that is quite unexpected in Hong Kong: the world’s first full-sized replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark. Amidst greenery and a waterfall, 67 pairs of life-sized animal figures emerge from the colossal Ark. The Ark Expo showcases various visual and sensory exhibits, including models of arks collected worldwide, while Adventurel­and is an elevated rope obstacle course that thrilling-seeking children and adults alike should have fun on. There is also accommodat­ion available at Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resort, which is mere steps away from Tung Wan Beach and makes for a quiet short stay in this vehicle-less town away from hectic urban life.

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