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Pillaipakkam is lo­cated in Sripe­rum­budur Tehsil of Kancheep­u­ram district in Tamil Nadu, In­dia. It is at a dis­tance of around 2.9 kms. from Sripe­rum­budur and 30.3 kilo­me­ters away from Kancheep­u­ram town. The other near­est town is Thiru­val­lur which is sit­u­ated at 19.6 kms from Pillaipakkam.

Pondicherry is 112.7 kms, Bangalore is 259.2 kms and Hy­der­abad is 520.1 kms from Pillaipakkam. Pillaipakkam is lo­cated at about 3 kms from the Bangalore high­way en route Man­i­man­galam.

The near­est rail­way sta­tion to Pillaipakkam is Karasan­gal which is lo­cated 11.1 kilo­me­ters from it.

Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple which is ded­i­cated to Hindu God Shiva is one of the fa­mous tem­ple lo­cated at Pillaipakkam. The pre­sid­ing de­ity is known as Vaitheeswaran and the fe­male Mother God is known as Thaiyal Nayagi. Vaitheeswaran is a Tamil de­riv­a­tive from ‘Vaidya’ mean­ing ‘Doc­tor’ and ‘Ish­vara’ mean­ing ‘God’. Shiva is wor­shipped as Vaitheeswaran or the "God of Heal­ing". It is be­lieved that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure dis­eases.

Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple, Pillaipakkam is a Pallava era tem­ple which was ren­o­vated later by Paran­thaka Chola II (Sun­dara Chola). The tem­ple was de­stroyed by the in­va­sion of Golkonda Nawab around 550 years back and ren­o­vated in 1977 by Sri Na­machivaya Chet­tiar of this vil­lage.

Leg­ends de­scribe Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple’s his­tory to how Lord Vaitheeswaran dis­played his cur­ing power when he saved a priest's son from a snake bite.

The pre­sid­ing de­ity in Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple, Pillaipakkam, Tamil Nadu is known as God Vaitheeswaran and the divine Mother God is known as Thaiyal Nayagi. The vi­manam of Lord Vaitheeswaran in this tem­ple is Ga­japrashta Style.

Lord Dak­shi­namoor­thy is very spe­cial here and known as Kala Dak­shi­namoor­thy. He is seen with Su­laayutham and Nagabaranam. He is con­sid­ered to re­lieve peo­ple from Naga Dhosham. Kala Bairavar is also present in this tem­ple premises.

As a spe­cial fea­ture of this tem­ple, Chandikesh­wari is also present along with Chandikeswarar.

Pillaipakkam is a cul­tur­ally rich town with tem­ples for both God Shiva and Vishnu.

There is a pond brim­ming with water near the Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple which is an ideal place for leisure and tourism. The at­mos­phere near the Shiva tem­ple is divine and serene. The flora and fauna here are a plea­sure to our eyes.

With al­most nil pol­lu­tion, Pillaipakkam is an ideal place for re­li­gious tourism.

'Kalyana Ja­gan­nathar Tem­ple' is an­other fa­mous tem­ple in this vil­lage. The tem­ple is ded­i­cated to Hindu God Vishnu.

Kalyana Ja­gan­nathar Tem­ple is ded­i­cated to the Hindu God Maha Vishnu.

The Pre­sid­ing De­ity here is known as Kalyana Ja­gan­nathar and the divine God­dess is Kalyanavalli Tha­yar.

The main de­ity which is ‘Sri Kalyana Ja­gan­nathar’ is present with Sridevi and Bhood­evi in stand­ing pos­ture.

Hanu­man is present in front of the God Sri Kalyana Ja­gan­natha in the usual place of Garuda.

As the name of the God sug­gests, mar­riage prayers are an­swered by pray­ing to the God here.

Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple, Pillaipakkam,Tamil Nadu.

‘Nirutha Gana­p­a­thy’ at the Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple

God ‘Dak­shi­namoor­thy’ at the Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple

The pre­sid­ing de­ity 'Vaitheeswaran'

The Mother God 'Thaiyal Nayagi'

Nat­u­ral sur­round­ings near the Vaitheeswaran Tem­ple in Pillaipakkam, Tamil Nadu.

Pillaipakkam, Tamil Nadu.

Kalyana Ja­gan­nathar Tem­ple, Pillaipakkam.

Kalyana Ja­gan­nathar Tem­ple, Pillaipakkam.

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