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The Thatheeswarar Siva tem­ple (Sitharkadu Si­van Tem­ple), Sitharkadu, is lo­cated at Thiru­manam vil­lage, Chen­nai, Tamil Nadu. Sitharkadu is 8 km from Poona­malle, a place on the out­skirts of Chen­nai, the cap­i­tal city of Tamil Nadu. There are many buses trav­el­ing to Poona­mallee from Chen­nai. Buses from Poona­mallee to Sitharkadu are avail­able only at spe­cific hours. The clos­est rail­way sta­tion is in Chen­nai. The nearby air­port is also in Chen­nai.

The present tem­ple is be­lieved to be con­structed by Pandya king Ja­davarma Sun­dara Pan­dian-I dat­ing back to 9th Cen­tury. Fish em­blem in the Ra­jagop­u­ram En­trance sup­ports the be­lief that the tem­ple is erected by Ja­davarma Sun­dara Pan­dian-I. This tem­ple with mul­ti­ple deities is ded­i­cated to Thatheeswarar and Pra­sunakun­tha­lam­bi­gai Am­bal. Thatheeswarar is a Hindu God known for solv­ing prob­lems re­lated to ill­ness and poverty. The God­dess Pra­sunakun­tha­lam­bi­gai solves prob­lems re­lated to mar­riage and pros­per­ity.

The Thatheeswarar Siva tem­ple is filled with a nice aroma and is noted for its in­tri­cate ar­chi­tec­ture. As the place is fra­grant, it is also called Tiru­manam­good fra­grance. This an­cient tem­ple of Shiva has many carv­ings of var­i­ous Sid­dhars in the man­da­pam and all around the tem­ple. Prana Depika Sithar, Jadamudi Sid­har and many other Sid­hars are ap­pear­ing in the pil­lars of the tem­ple. Two great Sid­dhas, Padukkai Jadamudi Sid­dha and Prana Deepika Sid­dha per­formed penance in this place. They in­stalled a Shivalinga un­der a Goose­berry tree and named it Nel­li­ap­par. Thathiri in San­skrit means goose­berry and the Tamil name is Nelli. This place is called Sid­dhar Kadu as Sid­dhas lived here. In the days that fol­lowed it is Sitharkadu now. To­day, this Thatheeswarar Siva tem­ple is be­ing wor­shipped by Sid­dhars. Devo­tees per­form abishek to Lord with goose­berry juice and milk. They of­fer green vas­tras and ban­gles to the God­dess and light ghee lamps in Her shrine.

The tem­ple traces its his­tory to a king who while com­menc­ing the ren­o­va­tion of the tem­ple, found the idol of a God­dess and named her Poonguzhali and erected a shrine. 'Swathi' star peo­ple gen­er­ally wor­ship the God here for re­lief from ad­verse plan­e­tary ef­fects in­clud­ing those fac­ing ob­sta­cles in mar­riage pro­pos­als and those suf­fer­ing from car­diac prob­lems. Vis­it­ing this sa­cred tem­ple can ben­e­fit those who are mar­ried with­out the bless­ings of their par­ents as well as doc­tors and

peo­ple in the med­i­cal profes­sions. They are ad­vised to of­fer curd rice nived­hana with goose­berry pickle, tamarind rice and of­fer the same to the poor for a pros­per­ous life. Per­form­ing Abishekam to the God by goose­berry juice at Swathi Natcha­tram will help the devo­tees to get out from their ill­ness and poverty. Pachai vas­tram pre­sented to Pra­sunakun­tha­lam­bi­gai Am­bal will bring mar­riage for­tune and pros­per­ity. Those who face ob­sta­cles in their mar­riage pro­pos­als should per­form an abishek to the God with goose­berry juice and seeds. Those fac­ing heart trou­ble should light ghee lamps in this shrine.

Spe­cial abisheks are per­formed for God Mu­ruga on Aadi and Thai Krithika days and on Pan­guni Uthi­ram day. On the Karthika fes­ti­val day, lamps are lit for all the 27 stars with spe­cial pu­jas. The ten days Margazhi fes­ti­val is cel­e­brated in a grand man­ner. The wed­ding fes­ti­val for Lord Nataraja and Mother Si­vakami is cel­e­brated on Margazhi Tiru­vad­hi­rai day. Those ex­pect­ing to be mar­ried should wor­ship the Lord on this day with faith.

Sri Thatheeswarar Tem­ple, (Sitharkadu), South Mada Street, 1/144, Thiru­manam Vil­lage, Via Pat­tab­hi­ram, Vay­alanal­lur Post, Chen­nai - 600072.

The tem­ple is open from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Thatheeswarar Siva tem­ple, Thiru­manam vi­lage, Chen­nai, Tamil Nadu.

In­side Tem­ple View: Thatheeswarar Siva tem­ple, Thiru­manam, Chen­nai.

Sitharkadu, Thiru­manam Vil­lage, Chen­nai, Tamil Nadu.

Ma­jes­tic view of the tem­ple from the tem­ple tank.

There is no nose rope on Nandhi, the bull ve­hi­cle of Lord Shiva.

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