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'Sri Pad­ma­vathi Tha­yar Sametha Sri Srini­vasa Swami Tem­ple' is a pow­er­ful Vishnu tem­ple lo­cated at Karanai. Karanai is a small town with a pop­u­la­tion of around 900 peo­ple and 200 houses. It is sit­u­ated 15 Kms from Thiru­porur via Old Ma­ha­balipu­ram Road (OMR) or Ra­jiv Gandhi IT Expy.

The tem­ple is a replica of ‘Tiru­mala Venkateswara Tem­ple’ lo­cated in Tiru­pathi

and ‘Sri Pad­ma­vathi Am­mavari Tem­ple’ sit­u­ated at Tirucha­nur, a sub­urb of Tiru­pati City, Andhra Pradesh in South­ern In­dia. ‘Sri Pad­ma­vathi Tha­yar Sametha Sri Srini­vasa Swami Tem­ple’ is ded­i­cated to ‘Lord Sri Venkateswara’, an in­car­na­tion of ‘Lord Vishnu’ and ‘Alamelu Manga’ who is the con­sort of ‘Sri Venkatesh­wara’ and an in­car­na­tion of God­dess Ma­ha­lak­shmi. ‘Lord Vishnu’ is re­garded as the saviour of mankind from tri­als and trou­bles of Kali Yuga. ‘Alamelu Manga’ who is wor­shipped as an as­pect of ‘God­dess Lak­shmi’ is be­lieved to be coom­nipresent and the co-be­stower of ‘mok­sham’ along with ‘Lord Vishnu’.

Deities in the tem­ple:

The main stone de­ity of the tem­ple is ‘Lord Venkateswara’. This de­ity is sit­u­ated atop a tiny hill with steps avail­able for the devo­tees to climb. As a sym­bol­ism, Lord Gane­sha statue is placed at the begin­ning of the hill. Along the path to ‘Lord Venkateswara’ is ‘Sri Sri Sri Ma­hape­ri­ava’ San­nadhi and ‘Sri Ra­gahven­drar’ San­nadhi. Both of them are Hindu saints. There is also a statue of Garuda fac­ing 'Lord Venkateswara’.


A sep­a­rate shrine for ‘Sri Pad­ma­vathi Tha­yar’ is lo­cated at the en­trance of the tem­ple premises. The shrine of ‘Lord Hanu­man’ is also present nearby.

Songs and hymns:

Var­i­ous col­lec­tion of hymns or verses are re­cited in the tem­ple. 'Sri Venkateswara Suprab­hatam' is reg­u­larly per­formed to ‘Lord Venkateswara’ in­side the sanc­tum sanc­to­rum of this Tem­ple. Many old hymns and Shlokas which have passed through so many cen­turies, are sung in the tem­ple.

Tem­ple Sig­nif­i­cance:

Devo­tees visit this tem­ple to seek ful­fill­ment of Sal­va­tion, Knowl­edge, Wealth, Re­lief from dis­eases, etc.

Tem­ple Ad­dress: Brin­da­van Gar­den, Karanai, SH 49B, Tamil Nadu - 603105.

Sri Pad­ma­vathi Tha­yar Sametha Sri Srini­vasa Swami Tem­ple, Karanai.

In­side Tem­ple View: Sri Ran­ganathar tem­ple, De­vadanam.

Lush green, pol­lu­tion-free en­vi­ron­ment sur­round­ing the 'Sri Pad­ma­vathi Tha­yar Sametha Sri Srini­vasa Swami Tem­ple', Karanai.

Garuda San­nadhi fac­ing 'Lord Venkateswara'.

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