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In San­skrit, Co­conut is known as ‘Kalpa Vrik­sha’. It is na­tive to In­dia, South-East Asia and other trop­i­cal coun­tries. In­dia is the third largest co­conut pro­duc­ing coun­try in the world.

Ten­der Co­conut Wa­ter which is ex­tracted from the co­conuts can be used as a drink as well as a medicine. It hy­drates the body and helps in re­newal of health. Ten­der Co­conut Wa­ter is nat­u­rally sweet. It has long been a pop­u­lar drink in In­dia. Sugar and min­er­als are the ma­jor con­stituents of ten­der co­conut wa­ter along with some fat and ni­troge­nous sub­stance. The juice helps to lu­bri­cate the body sys­tems, en­hance di­ges­tion, etc. It might also be help­ful in dis­solv­ing kid­ney stones be­cause of the high amount of potas­sium present in it.

Ac­cord­ing to ‘Ayurveda’, co­conut wa­ter has a cool­ing ef­fect on eyes. It helps to de­crease the ex­cess heat from the eyes and im­prove vi­sion.

In­take of co­conut wa­ter can help re­duce cramps in legs for preg­nant women. It is an ex­cel­lent elixir for their uri­nary and re­pro­duc­tive sys­tem as ten­der co­conut wa­ter kills all the bac­te­ria which pro­voke in­fec­tions.

Ten­der Co­conut and


Ten­der co­conut con­tains

90 to 95 per­cent of wa­ter.

It has ex­cel­lent cool­ing prop­er­ties and it is a proven ‘Pitta-dosha paci­fier’. The ten­der co­conut wa­ter lu­bri­cates the dry­ness caused by tox­ins in the body. It also re­pairs the gas­troin­testi­nal tract and it's ‘Snigdha’ or the sweet­ness qual­ity gives it a ‘Pra­naropana’ (lif­erestor­ing) ca­pac­ity. An­cient Ayurvedic lit­er­a­tures de­tail about ben­e­fits of ten­der co­conuts. ‘Sushruta’, the most revered an­cient healer once noted that ten­der co­conuts are ‘bal maans prada’ in na­ture. It means that, the ten­der co­conuts strengthen our mus­cles, the car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem and the seven body tis­sues. They also help cleanse the uri­nary tract. ‘Sad­haka Pitta’ which is re­lated with moods is also cooled through in­take of co­conut wa­ter. Urine re­ten­tion from heat or liver prob­lems like in­flam­ma­tion are re­lieved by the con­sump­tion of ten­der co­conut wa­ter. How­ever, co­conut wa­ter in not ad­vised to be used in cook­ing.

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