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Hampi is one of the best tourist des­ti­na­tions in Kar­nataka. The place is men­tioned in the ‘Ra­mayana’ and the ‘Pu­ranas’ of Hin­duism as ‘Pam­paa Devi Tirtha Kshetra’. It be­came the cen­tre of the ‘Vi­jayana­gara Em­pire’ cap­i­tal in the 14th­cen­tury A.D. Var­i­ous tem­ple struc­tures, mon­u­ments and palaces built in dif­fer­ent ar­chi­tec­ture dom­i­nate Hampi. Arche­ol­o­gists have also found ev­i­dence of

'Ashokan epig­ra­phy' in this place. Hampi is about 356 kms away from Ban­ga­lore. ‘NH48’ and ‘NH150A’ con­nects Ban­ga­lore to Hampi. To reach Hampi by rail, the near­est rail­way sta­tion is lo­cated at ‘Hospet’. The air­ports at ‘Bel­gaum’ and ‘Ban­ga­lore’ are other op­tions to reach Hampi.

The ‘Hazara Rama Tem­ple’ (also known as ‘Ra­machan­dra Tem­ple’) is one of the most im­pres­sive mon­u­ments of Hampi. It is lo­cated at the cen­ter of the royal area. This tem­ple was ded­i­cated to ‘Lord Rama’ of the ‘Ra­mayana Pu­rana’. It was once the pri­vate tem­ple of the ‘Vi­jayana­gara’ kings. The tem­ple is dated to early 15th cen­tury and was built by the then Vi­jayana­gara Em­peror, ‘De­varaya I’. Beau­ti­ful carv­ings oc­cupy the walls of the tem­ple. The outer walls en­cir­cling the tem­ple de­note pro­ces­sions of ele­phants, horses led by horse­men, soldiers, dancers, mu­si­cians and the gen­eral pub­lic. They also de­note the ‘Dasara’ and the ‘Holi’ fes­ti­val cel­e­bra­tions. The sculp­tures on the in­ner part of the tem­ple de­pict scenes from the Ra­mayana. The tem­ple is thus named ‘Hazara’ Rama, mean­ing ‘a thou­sand Rama’ ow­ing to the mul­ti­tude of these Ra­mayana sculp­tures on its walls. These sculp­tures are among the most ex­ten­sive ones to be found any­where in In­dia.

In­side the tem­ple, there is an ‘open man­dapa’ which is an ad­di­tion of early 16th cen­tury and a ‘ya­jna cer­e­mony hall’. In­side this man­dapa, there are four in­tri­cately carved pil­lars. An empty pedestal with three holes stands within the sanc­tu­ary. This sig­ni­fies the fact that the tem­ple once had idols of Rama, Lak­sh­mana and Sita. Un­for­tu­nately, there are no idols re­main­ing in the sanc­tu­ary.

By 1500 A.D., ‘Hampi’ beacme one of the world's largest city and In­dia's rich­est at that time. With the de­feat of the ‘Vi­jayana­gara Em­pire’ by the Mus­lim rulers, Hampi came to ru­ins.

Tem­ple Tim­ings: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m (Mon-Sun). There is no en­trance fee for this tem­ple.

Hazara Rama / Ra­machan­dra tem­ple's en­trance in Hampi, Kar­nataka, In­dia.

In­side Tem­ple View: Sri Ran­ganathar tem­ple, De­vadanam.

In­side view of the Hazara Rama tem­ple / Ra­machan­dra tem­ple in Hampi, Kar­nataka, In­dia.

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