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Lapped in the lux­u­ri­ous abun­dance of the beauty of the na­ture the vil­lage of Subra­manya lies in the Sul­lia Taluk in Dak­shina Kan­nada with a sancity which very few places can boast of. The tem­ple is si­t­u­ated in the heart of the vil­lage. Na­ture re­veals her­self in all her un­hid­den beauty in the rivers, forests and moun­tains which the tem­ples is sur­rounded by. It is about a 105 KM from Man­ga­lore and can be eas­ily reached by train,buses or taxis.

Subra­manya used to be called as Kukke Pat­tana in the past. In the ‘Shankara Vi­jaya’ Ananda­giri ob­serves that Sri Shankaracharya camped here for a few days dur­ing his re­li­gious ex­pe­di­tion (Digvi­jaya). Shankaracharya re­ferred to this place as ‘Bhaje Kukke Lingam’ in his ‘Subrah­manya Bhu­jan­gapray­ata Sto­tram’.

Sri Subrah­manya kshetra has been bril­liantly de­scribed in the ‘Thirthak­shetra Mahi­ma­nipu­rana’ chap­ter of the Sahyadrikhanda com­prised in the Sanatku­mara Samhita of Skanda Pu­rana. This kshetra is si­t­u­ated in the banks of the river ‘Dhara’ which orig­i­nates in the Ku­mara moun­tain and pro­ceeds to the western sea.


Ac­cord­ing to one Mythol­ogy, af­ter killing the de­mon rulers, Tharaka, Shu­ra­pad­ma­sura and their fol­low­ers in a war, Lord Shanuka reached Ku­mara par­vatha with his brother Ganesh and oth­ers. He was re­ceived by In­dra and his fol­low­ers. In­dra be­ing very happy prayed Lord Ku­mara swamy to ac­cept and marry his daugh­ter Devasena for which the Lord read­ily agreed. The di­vine mar­riage took place on Mar­gashira shudha shashti at Ku­mara par­vatha. Gods like Brahma, Vishnu, Ru­dra and many other deities as­sem­bled for the mar­riage and coro­na­tion cer­e­mony of Shan­mukha for which wa­ters of sev­eral holy rivers were brought. With these wa­ters of Ma­hab­hisheka fell down to form a river which was later known by the pop­u­lar name Ku­marad­hara.

The great Shiva Bhakta and Ser­pent king Va­suki was per­form­ing tapas for years in the Bi­lad­wara caves of Kukke Subrah­manya to avoid the at­tack of Garuda. Fol­low­ing Lord Shiva`s as­sur­ance Shan­muka gave darshan to Va­suki and blessed him that he would stay with his parama bhakta in this place for­ever. Hence the poo­jas of­fered to Va­suki or Na­garaja are noth­ing

but the poo­jas to Lord Subrah­manya.

Puja Ac­tiv­i­ties

Ash­le­sha Bali Pooja & Sarpa Sam­skara are two im­por­tant Sarpa Dosha Poo­jas are done at Kukke Subra­manya Tem­ple.

Ash­le­sha Bali

Asle­sha Bali pooja is one of the im­por­tant Kaalasarpa dosha poo­jas per­formed at Kukke Subra­manya tem­ple. Lord Subra­manya is known as the pro­tec­tor from Kaalasarpa dosha and Kuja dosha. Kukke Sri Kshetra tem­ple is the most pop­u­lar for Sarpa­dosha puja.

Asle­sha Bali puja in Kukke Subra­maya tem­ple will be per­formed in two shifts – 7:00 am and 9.15 am. Those who want to per­form this puja need to re­port for sankalpa with Puro­hita in­side the tem­ple ei­ther at 7:00 am or 9.15 am. Af­ter the com­ple­tion of Homa Poor­nahuthi Puja, devo­tees will get prasadam. Devo­tees be­lieve Shra­vana masa, Karthika masa, and Mar­gashira masa are the most aus­pi­cious months to per­form Asle­sha bali puja at Kukke tem­ple.

Sarpa Sam­skara / Sarpa Dosha

Sarpa Sam­skara / Sarpa

Dosha is one of the poo­jas per­formed by devo­tees at this tem­ple to get rid of the sarpa dosha. Per­sons who are af­flicted with this dosha are ad­vised by as­trologers / horo­scope writ­ers to per­form this pooja for their own well­be­ing. Pooja can be done ei­ther by the af­flicted per­son him­self if he is male and mar­ried, or through a priest. This is be­cause the pooja in­volves ri­tu­als sim­i­lar to those done while per­form­ing shrartham (fu­neral rites). Sarpa Sam­skara seva devo­tees are re­quired to be present for two days. The seva is per­formed dur­ing the day­time, with no par­tic­u­lar poo­jas in the even­ing. Food ar­range­ments will be made for these devo­tees by the tem­ple dev­asthanam, for up to four per­sons per seva.

Tem­ple Tim­ings and Dar­shanam

Morn­ing 7 AM TO 1 PM Even­ing 3 PM TO 8 PM

Daily Pooja Tim­ing

Morn­ing: 6 AM - 7 AM Noon: 11 AM - 12 PM Night: 7 AM - 7.45 PM

Kukke Subra­manya Tem­ple Pooja Sevas Charges

Im­por­tant Harike Sevas at Kukke Subra­manya Tem­ple are (Ex­cept on Ekadashi days)

Sarpa Sam­skara: Rs. 1300.00 to Rs. 1800 Naga Prthista: Rs. 250.00

Ash­le­sha Bali: Rs. 250.00

Maha Pooja: Rs. 300.00

Kukke Shree Subrah­manya Tem­ple, Subrah­manya, Dak­shina Kan­nada Dist, Kar­nataka, In­dia

Phone Num­ber: 91-825-681224, 681423, 681400,681700 and 681800

Pin code of kukke subra­manya tem­ple is 574238. Dis­tance from Kar­war to Subrah­manya is 373.1 km and takes around 7 h 15 min via NH17. Dis­tance from from Be­la­gavi (Bel­gaum) to Kukke Shree Subrah­manya Tem­ple, Sul­lia Taluk, Dak­shina Kan­nada Dis­trict, Subra­hamanya is 521 km and takes around 9 h 18 min via NH4.

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