Small story: Curse is gone!


A forest named 'thandai' was near a tiny hamlet.an Old Monkey lived there. it always stood by justice. it was a very kind creature. in that forest an old lady used to come daily to collect few logs. the old monkey used to help her daily.

One day, the old lady rested behind a tree after searching for logs. that day she was unlucky and couldn' t find any logs. seeing her pitiable situation, the Old monkey threw few sticks from a Crow's nest.the Old Lady collected the stick sand felt happy. she thanked the old monkey for its help.

In the evening, the crow which came to the tree, found out that its nest had been broken. it felt sad. later, it changed its mind and went to do the nextwork.

In three days, it built a new nest.

The next morning

It hid behind the opposite tree and looked at its nest. the old monkey wanted to see the new nest. so, it came to look at its new nest. the Crow came to a conclusion that it was the work of the old monkey. the Crow confronted the old monkey. the Monkey got annoyed.

It jokingly replied that the Crow's ancestors to le av ada from an old Woman; so in return it gave the stick from the Crow's nest to an Old Woman. the crow replied that its dynasty work was to clean the errors and that's the reason why Humans called the crows' heavenly cleaners '. The old monkey repented to the crow and also promised to look after the Crow's nest.

Moral: never do harm to anyone.

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