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Therefore, the family tradition is maintained through them. For such obvious reasons the eldest child is honored to occupy the respectabl­e place in the family and it is he who maintains the heredity.

Tradition in Jagannath Temple Puri:

According to traditions, Lord Madhab of Niali, about 50 kilometres from here in Cuttack district is considered as maternal uncle of the Trinity. Prathamast­ami religious traditions prescribe maternal uncles to present new cloths to their nephews on ‘Prathamast­ami’ day every year.

The practice was revived after a hundred years. Madhab temple servitors brought ‘Khanduas’ and ‘Pattas’ for the deities in Puri. They came in a huge procession from Niali all the way to Puri. On arrival of the procession at Singhadwar­a, they are accorded warm welcome by Sri Jagannath temple servitors and the temple administra­tion.

The cloth packets are taken into the temple and kept in the guard room. Priests would use these cloths to dress the deities on ‘Prathamast­ami’

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