Dr A.rajamanick­am


Manly effort is the physical or mental energy of a human being. It is an attempt to do something when it is difficult to do. The effort includes perseveran­ce with deep involvemen­t.

One should not feel dishearten­ed saying, “This is too difficult for me to do”. Effort will bring the greatness of mind. If one abandons any work unfinished, the world would abandon him. On the contrary, if one strives untiringly, he can beat and see the back of fate in retreat. Besides, the good luck of lotus deity, Laxmi, dwells in the persistent efforts of such a man. But, only the goddess of ill-luck (moodevi) resides in one’s laziness. Even though something many not be attained by mercy of God, one’s strenuous effort will pay the wages and reward.

The philanthro­py of a man, who does not take effort to labour, will fail like a sword in a eunuch’s hand. But the pride of serving the humanity, will rest in the excellence of one’s efforts. So much so, one who loves hard work with effort, but desires not his pleasure, is a strong pillar to support his friends wiping out their sorrows. It is worth mentioning that physical handicap is not a disgrace to anyone; but to be without efforts and the awareness of what ought to know, is a disgrace indeed.

Effort and labour will bring property; But effortless­ness brings only poverty.

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