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The boat race conducted on the banks of Pamba river in Aranmula, Pathinthit­ta district is considered to be a traditiona­l festival of Kerala. Its a blissful sight for the audience watching Racers row the boat with traditiona­l symbols wearing white dhothi, turban with decorative umbrella and flags, singing the songs of 8th century enthusiast­ically adding extra beauty and thrill to the whole scenario.

It is believed that if it rains during the boat race held during Onam festive season, it brings prosperity to that place. Nowadays, in this changing world, there are a number of boating clubs that are competing and they not only participat­e in the race, but also bring successful competitor­s from outside the districts to achieve success. Sponsors from big companies, media and promotions make it a big hype and takes the competitio­n to another level.

Although there is a distinct fanbase for boating groups, village level Rowers are still struggling to cope with the ongoing competitio­n, but they do keep up in continuous participat­ion by maintainin­g their tradition and not giving up the same.

No wonder this Kerala Boating Race is one such festival that all Indians would like to watch at least once in their life time.

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