The true facts about Nandi


Indira Srivatsa

'Loyalty’ is a term that is both a positive and a difficult one at the same time. Positive because it makes loyal persons loved by people and, difficult because always maintainin­g loyalty in various situations can be a real challenge for them. But it is possible to overcome any situation if a person has loyalty along with ultimate devotion, love and fondness for another. The character with all these aspects reminds us of Nandi, known as the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Yes, it is true that Nandi is the vehicle of Lord Shiva and is also known as the gatekeeper of Kailash, but this is not the only definition by which the Nandi should be remembered. The way he devoted his life in serving Lord Shiva and his family, he has taken the place of the most trusted, faithful and dedicated personalit­y in Hindu scriptures. Nandi is connected to Shiva by his birth. It was Shiva who was pleased with the years of prayer by sage Shilada and blessed him with Nandi as his son. Shilada found a boy Nandi while plowing the fields.

He was very happy in his life with Nandi until the two sages came to visit them and said that Nandi would only live for one year more. Aware of the fact that Henwas in this world because of Shiva and being always devoted to him, Nandi knew that if there was someone who could change his fate, it was only Lord Shiva.

Nandi knew that the pure faith and devotion can make anything possible and can be the ultimate way to get close to Lord Shiva. He didn't want to live a life without Lord Shiva. So when Shiva appeared before Nandi and asked what he wanted, Nandi asked if he could always serve Shiva. After seeing the most beautiful person in front of him, Nandi knew that he didnt want anything except for the opportunit­y to serve Shiva. It was Shiva who created Nandi. So he knew the desires of Nandi and also what he could do to keep his loyalty intact. Shiva blessed him with a garland and made him his vehicle and the protector of Kailash. Shiva also declared him to be the chief of the Ganas.!

Om Namo Nandishwar­aya Namah ~ Shivaya Namah Om ~ Namaste Divine Souls!

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