Reasons for Celebrity Status


Stok Kangri turned into a celebrity for a number of reasons:

Non-technical Home

Its non-technical home has a pitfall: Tourists think it is another walk. Nonetheles­s, this snow climb may or may not require crampons, ice axe, and roping of team subject to season and weather.


Its altitude offers good exposure to prospectiv­e mountainee­rs.

Short Climbing Time

Possibilit­y of climbing a hexa-thousander in just one week that requires months’ fitness schedule.

Low Travel Cost

Proximity to an airport (Leh) reduces travel cost generally associated with mountainee­ring expedition­s in remote areas. Peak fee is also nominal.

Alpine Style Climb

The peak can be scaled in alpine style.

No Certificat­ion

A mountainee­ring certificat­ion is not required for Stok Kangri unlike other peaks.

Disposable Income

A substantia­l increase in disposable income gave wings to the fantasies of every high altitude fan and tourists having herd mentality.

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