Is Stok Kangri the tallest trekking peak in India?


Stok Kangri is the tallest summit of the Stok Mountains that lies south of Leh and on south bank of the Indus river. Altitude of the Stok valley ranges from 3,890 to 6,153m. The peak neighborho­od features multiple climbable summits: Shuku Kangri (6,000m), Pyramid (5,930m), and Golap Kangri (5,950m). The Mountains not only draws travelers and tourists but also scientific community. Researcher­s recorded a decline in the glaciated areas of the mountains located between the Karakorum and Zanskar, a branch of Greater Himalayas. The popular Markha valley sits between the Zanskar range and its offshoot Stok Mountains.

The peak in Hemis National Park lends itself to the views of Saser Kangri in the Karakorum. The park, known for interestin­g geology, is home to illusory snow leopard and its prey ibex and urial. A prominent geological feature of the Matho valley route is limestone chimneys.

The peak is the tallest among forty (40) trekking peaks open for foreigners during climbing season 2020. They have to pay handling charges: US$ 100 for a 2-member team and US$ 50 for each additional 3rd to 12th team member.

Aditya Dogra who lived in the Himalayas claimed it is the highest trekking peak in India that does not require mountainee­ring qualificat­ion while answering a question (Why Stok Kangri is considered the King of Treks in the Himalayas?) on Quora.com on September 19, 2015. A pair of adventure tour organizers also supported the claim. @Himalayade­stina tweeted on February 20, 2018 that “Stok Kangri trek” is the highest summit in India. @BikatAdven­tures tweeted Stok Kangri is the highest trek-able peak in India on August 25, 2018.

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