(1) High-Extreme altitude

(2) Descending on slippery snowy paths is dangerous.

(3) Since snow melting is common during the day, especially on sunny days, the trail becomes slippery. Descending under the sun is therefore challengin­g and riskier. Thus, trekkers prefer to attempt basecamp – summit basecamp section in the night and early morning when snow is relatively stable.

(4) Snow may be knee deep subject to weather conditions and season.

(5) Roping up required between the ridge and the summit featuring prayer flags. The summit is less than 150m from the ridge.

(6) 60-75 degree steep climb between basecamp and the summit.

(7) Mountainee­rs recorded cloudy days, drizzle, and snow storms along the route in past expedition­s.

(8) Glacier walk.

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