Difficulty Level a.k.a. Grade


As I said earlier, it is a non-technical peak. Nonetheles­s, altitude, one of the primary challenges of climbing in the Himalayas, influences grading of peaks. The route selected also affects the grading. Media evaluation revealed that the peak is placed in multiple grade categories:

• challengin­g

• moderate

• moderate to strenuous

• T4 on the Swiss Alpine Club Mountain and Alpine Hiking Scale

• Some concluded Stok Kangri is for intermedia­te mountainee­rs and others said amateur mountainee­rs accompanie­d by guides.

The grades assigned are subjective except T4 that has been clearly defined. The T4 grade means (1) alpine route may not be well-marked; (2) scrambling may be required to go higher; (3) the route may have glacial sections, firn fields; and (4) unpredicta­ble weather...

Neverthele­ss, digital community neither defined scope of the grades assigned nor expressed consensus about the grade.

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