Twitter Hashtags and Handles about Stok Kangri


A quick mini media evaluation of tweets about Stok Kangri revealed fifteen hashtags or categories. They are even case sensitive and misspelt.

Specific Hashtag: The Most Relevant

1. #stoksummit

2. #6153meters

3. #MtStokKang­ri

4. #stokkangri

5. #StokKangri

6. #StokKangri­Peak

Activity Based Hashtags: The Second Most Relevant

1. #stokkangri­expedition

2. StokKangri­Expedition

3. #StokKangri­Trek

Use of suffixes “expedition” and “trek” connotes toughness of the activity.

General Hashtags: May Cover Multiple Peaks with Similar Names

1. #kangri

2. #KangriBase­Camp

3. #stok

4. #stokrange

These may cover multiple peaks with similar names as word kangri is a common suffix to a peak name. Such as, Gulap Kangri, Parcha Kangri, Saser Kangriǥ A mountain range and village are also called Stok.

Truncated Hashtag: Misleading

1. #stokangri

The creator misspelt the name of the peak.

Trip Organizer-Specific Hashtag:

Caring Matters Now (̷cmnsupport­group) supports patients of congenital melanocyti­c naevi (brown birthmarks). The group suffixed Stok Kangri to its name, “cmn” to highlight their expedition. #CMNvsStokK­angri

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