Trekking Route + approximat­e Altitude + Distance


Total duration of the trek: 5 to 10 days or more depending on the selected starting point. The trek may start from Chilling, Markha, Matho, Stok... However, all routes lead to a common basecamp and all expedition­s wind up at Stok village.

Summer Route

Stok village (3,650m) - Changma (4,184m) - Mounkarma (4,380m) - Basecamp (4,955m) - Stok Kangri (6,153m) - Basecamp – Stok village

Winter Route

Stok village – Mounkarma – Camp near Stok Glacier – Summit – Glacier Camp – Mounkarma - Stok village

A Note on Basecamp

The basecamp, in the southeast of the summit, does not offer a view of the peak for its proximity to the summit. The camp varies with season. Altitude of the summer basecamp (4,900 to 4,955m) may vary from expedition to expedition for a number of factors, including type of altimeter and GPS used, point selected for noting down altitude, and instrument usage. The winter basecamp is generally set up at Mounkarma (4,300 to 4,380m) that is slightly at lower altitude.

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