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Type of Publicatio­n: Self-published digital magazine

Periodicit­y: Half Yearly

Publisher: theoff.info

Graphic Designer, Photograph­er, and Writer: Abha

Online Distributo­rs: (1) Magzter (2) Press Reader

Library: British Council Library


Contact Person: Abha

Email: editor+abh.a@theoff.info

Social Media: @dohimalaya­s


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ABHA offers adventure travelers advice and informatio­n based on the firsthand experience and / or collated from secondary sources. The magazine has not received any money from any of the tourism department­s, travel service providers, or any other type of travel and tourism business to write about the destinatio­ns and / or their services.

All addresses and prices were checked before publishing but are for guidance only. Most of the prices quoted are what we paid for the travel. The publisher therefore cannot be held responsibl­e for any changes in these details.


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