Rit­ual of Thirty-Five Con­fes­sion Bud­dhas: A SelfDec­la­ra­tion in the Pres­ence of Se­lected Guru

ABHA - - Himalayan Key -

Essence of the elab­o­rate rit­ual is con­fess­ing neg­a­tive ac­tions (karma) and pu­ri­fy­ing them. Pu­rifi­ca­tion is di­rectly pro­por­tional to the re­gret ex­pressed dur­ing the rit­ual. Here is a glimpse of the com­plex multi-step process: (1) Vi­su­al­ize your Guru-Chen­rezig with thou­sand arms, an as­pect of Bud­dha. HRIH syl­la­ble at the heart of the guru em­anates light beams that form six rows be­low the heart. Bud­dhas sit on pearl-adorned and ele­phant-sup­ported thrones in each row. The first five rows fea­ture seven bud­dhas each, sit­ting in pos­ture. Six blue bud­dhas rep­re­sent­ing Ak­shob­hyaǢ and King of Na­gas hav­ing blue body with white head oc­cupy the first row. White bud­dhas, an dhyani as­pect of Vairochana, sit in the fol­low­ing row. Yel­low bud­dhas, an as­pect of Rat­nasamb­hava, are in the next row. In the fourth row, red bud­dhas are Amitabha. Seven green bud­dhas in the next row rep­re­sent Amoghasid­dhi. The medicine bud­dhas grace the last row. (2) Think that all bud­dhas are in all obŒects and all obŒects are holyǢ and have power of pu­rifi­ca­tion. (3) Imag­ine you have mul­ti­ple bod­ies. You with “all your bod­ies” pros­trate your­self in the pre­scribed man­ner. Dur­ing pros­tra­tion, • Re­cite names and pray­ers of thirty-five bud­dhas of con­fes­sion and medicine bud­dhas. • Con­fess all neg­a­tive acts. • Empty your­self of all neg­a­tive ac­tions. (4) Prom­ise your­self to re­frain from all non-vir­tu­ous acts.

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