Ritual of Thirty-Five Confession Buddhas: A SelfDeclar­ation in the Presence of Selected Guru


Essence of the elaborate ritual is confessing negative actions (karma) and purifying them. Purificati­on is directly proportion­al to the regret expressed during the ritual. Here is a glimpse of the complex multi-step process: (1) Visualize your Guru-Chenrezig with thousand arms, an aspect of Buddha. HRIH syllable at the heart of the guru emanates light beams that form six rows below the heart. Buddhas sit on pearl-adorned and elephant-supported thrones in each row. The first five rows feature seven buddhas each, sitting in posture. Six blue buddhas representi­ng AkshobhyaǢ and King of Nagas having blue body with white head occupy the first row. White buddhas, an dhyani aspect of Vairochana, sit in the following row. Yellow buddhas, an aspect of Ratnasambh­ava, are in the next row. In the fourth row, red buddhas are Amitabha. Seven green buddhas in the next row represent Amoghasidd­hi. The medicine buddhas grace the last row. (2) Think that all buddhas are in all obŒects and all obŒects are holyǢ and have power of purificati­on. (3) Imagine you have multiple bodies. You with “all your bodies” prostrate yourself in the prescribed manner. During prostratio­n, • Recite names and prayers of thirty-five buddhas of confession and medicine buddhas. • Confess all negative acts. • Empty yourself of all negative actions. (4) Promise yourself to refrain from all non-virtuous acts.

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