Is morel worth the price?


Gucchi possesses medicinal and nutritiona­l wealth. Some research reports underlined cancer healing and inflammati­on and tumor preventing properties of the morel. Traditiona­l knowledge highlights its use for treating cold, cough, heart diseases, indigestio­n, joint pain, and wounds. An antioxidan­t with aphrodisia­c and auto-oxidation properties further enhance its medicinal worth. However, medicinal use is limited to rural areas. Nutritive fungus contains most sought after vitamins: niacin and other Bs, D, and E. This good source of vegetarian protein has little carbohydra­tes. Low in fat and mineral rich forest produce is therefore recommende­d for weight loss. The valuable mineral content includes copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. The fungus also contains dietary fibers for healthy bowels, and trace elements for good growth and developmen­t.

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