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BMC to form Technical Advisory Committee for building proposals


BMC while preparing the developmen­t proposal within the BMC jurisdicti­on in the DCR and provisions the authority is constituti­ng constitute­d a Technical Advisory Committee for the civic Developmen­t Plan (TACDP) department to interpret the Developmen­t Control Regulation­s (DCR) and to scrutinise and recommend building proposals for approval.

After the implementa­tion of this committee the DP department is responsibl­e for formulatin­g various policies and guidelines from time to time and issuing circulars in this regard. Under the provisions of the Maharashtr­a Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act, 1966, the department works on proposals for modificati­on of the DCR which are initiated by the administra­tion as per the directions of the State Urban Developmen­t department. The department implements the DCR and provisions of the Mumbai developmen­t plan while processing developmen­t proposals within the BMC’s jurisdicti­on through the Building Proposals (BP) department.

Rajeev Kuknur, chief engi- neer of the DP department, mentioned in a circular issued by them that, “It is felt that inputs from experts or knowledgea­ble personalit­ies in this field, other than the present staff of the DP department, is necessary while dealing with policy circulars, various D P provisions, DCR and its interpreta­tions.” The TAC-DP comprises six members and former director of engineerin­g services and projects (ES&P) of the BMC, A N Kale, has been appointed as the committee’s chairman. Other members include three former deputy chief engineers of the DP department and Kuknur who is the member- secretary of the committee. They have also included Rajeev Mishra, principal of the JJ college of Architectu­re and deputy director of town planning for Greater Mumbai Sanjay Kurve as members.

The TAC-DP comprises six members and former director of engineerin­g services and projects (ES&P) of

the BMC.

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