Roads are swelling in Mum­bai

Accommodation Times - - .. Edtorial.. - By Dr San­jay Chaturvedi

Roads are swelling in Mum­bai be­cause Road Con­trac­tors lay an­other layer of new road ma­te­rial on the ex­ist­ing di­lap­i­dated roads. This saves cost. Who will dig the road to level and put again costly road ma­te­rial like Khadi and Tar / ce­ment? But end re­sult is : roads are swelling or in­creas­ing the level of ground.

Till 2005, BMC al­lowed ground floors in the newly con­structed build­ings. And need­less to say that old build­ings al­ways has ground floor res­i­dence and commercial oc­cu­pa­tion. Stilt is in fash­ion and com­pul­sion af­ter 2005.

The swelling roads have re­sulted in de­crease of level of ground floors from road level. Sev­eral low ly­ing ar­eas have been cre­ated in Mum­bai. Cave in are re­sult of this prac­tices only. We had many cave in cases re­ported in last eight months.

Now prob­lem with so­ci­eties and struc­ture which gone be­low the road level that they can­not in­crease the height of their com­pounds and ground floor level nor they can have sewage out lets en­hanced. Along the road heights, sewage tanks and lines on the roads have also in­creased. This has re­sulted in throw­ing back of sewage of such so­ci­eties into their own com­pound since level of road sewage is in­creased over the years.

At Vakola, Western Ex­press High­way is al­most 20 ft above the ad­ja­cent Anand Na­gar which is sit­u­ated both the side of the high­way. Gaothan and small vil­lages in Mum­bai like Koli­wada, Khota chi wadi and other small pock­ets are worst hit with such prac­tice since vil­lage roads con­tract never care to keep the road level. They al­ways want to dump de­bries and do cos­metic surgery. In some of the cases, the road level have gone as high as win­dow of the ground floor.

Road lev­els are in­creas­ing, the day is far when half of Mantralaya will be un­der ground be­cause of in­creas­ing Road lay­ers. The stan­dard en­gi­neer­ing prac­tice is to re­move the dam­aged lay­ers of the roads and to re­lay the same with fresh lay­ers. As such, the prac­tice fol­lowed in Guwahati as well as other ur­ban ar­eas of the State by the Govern­ment agencies con­cerned adding layer af­ter layer on top of one an­other to the roads thereby rais­ing the road lev­els in­dis­crim­i­nately, is def­i­nitely a wrong one, apart from be­ing a bane to the process of ur­ban de­vel­op­ment and a men­ace adding to the woes of al­ready ha­rassed cit­i­zens.

These are some of the as­ser­tions made in a pe­ti­tion filed by some con­cerned Guwa­ha­tians be­fore the Gauhati High Court in a Pub­lic In­ter­est Lit­i­ga­tion (PIL) case (No 44 of 2011) on the road lev­els. The PIL has been ad­mit­ted by the court.

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