The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012 : HIGH­LIGHTS

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A Pro­moter who in­tends to con­struct or is con­struct­ing or con­structs a block or build­ing or flats which is not for per­sonal use, shall, in all trans­ac­tions be li­able to give or pro­duce the in­for­ma­tion and the doc­u­ments spec­i­fied and as may be pre­scribed.

Present Po­si­tion: The Bill has been passed by the Leg­isla­tive Assem­bly and Leg­isla­tive Coun­cil and is await­ing the as­sent of the Pres­i­dent. Ob­jec­tives: To re­peal MOFA 1963, from the ap­pointed day ( s. 56). To pro­vide relief to flat pur­chasers against mal­prac­tices and dif­fi­cul­ties. To es­tab­lish a Hous­ing Reg­u­la­tory Au­thor­ity and Hous­ing Ap­pel­late Tri­bunal. To re­move in­for­ma­tion asym­me­try by en­sur­ing full dis­clo­sure and com­pli­ance. To usher in trans­parency To pro­mote planned and healthy devel­op­ment. To fa­cil­i­tate smooth and speedy con­struc­tion and main­te­nance.

Sec.3 (2) Dis­clo­sures to be made by Pro­moter.

A Pro­moter who in­tends to con­struct or is con­struct­ing or con­structs a block or build­ing or flats which is not for per­sonal use, shall, in all trans­ac­tions be li­able to give or pro­duce the in­for­ma­tion and the doc­u­ments spec­i­fied and as may be pre­scribed. (Flat is de­fined in Clause 2(m) as in­clud­ing res­i­dence, of­fice, show­room, shop or godown) This refers even to “is con­struct­ing”, i.e. all on­go­ing con­struc­tions, even though they may have be­gun ear­lier. (a) Pro­moter shall make full and true dis­clo­sure of the Ti­tle, which should have been cer­ti­fied and which should have been duly en­tered in the Prop­erty Card or Vil­lage Forms VI or VII and XII or any other rel­e­vant rev­enue record.

If land is owned by another, the reg­is­tered copy of the agree­ment or Power of At­tor­ney shall also be dis­closed. (b) All en­cum­brances and rights of oth­ers to be dis­closed. (c) Full and true dis­clo­sure of Pro­moter’s en­ter­prise de­tails, such as name, reg­is­tered ad­dresses, type of en­tity, regis­tra­tion de­tails etc. (d) Names and ad­dresses of ar­chi­tects, struc­tural En­gi­neers and Con­trac­tors in­clud­ing turn-key con­trac­tors, if any, re­tained shall be dis­closed. ( e) dis­close the in­for­ma­tion re­lat­ing to num­ber and size of plots, lay­out plan, car­pet area, util­ity area, FSI/TDR/ad­di­tional FSI con­sumed, lim­ited com­mon area and fa­cil­i­ties and com­mon area and ameni­ties and fa­cil­i­ties of the lay out pro­posed. (f) Give in­spec­tion with 7 days no­tice or de­mand of the plans/struc­ture, de­sign and spec­i­fi­ca­tion, duly cer­ti­fied by an Ar­chi­tect till they are ap­proved; and af­ter ap­proval, such ap­proved plans and spec­i­fi­ca­tions. (g) to dis­close the build­ing-wise time sched­ule of com­ple­tion of the Phase of the project, which shall al­ways be sub­ject to force ma­jeure event. (h) Dis­close the time sched­ule for con­nect­ing the project with the Mu­nic­i­pal ser­vices, such as sew­er­age, wa­ter sup­ply, elec­tric­ity, drainage etc. but sub­ject to force ma­jeure. (i) dis­close the na­ture of fix­tures and fit­tings with re­gard to the floor­ing and san­i­tary fit­tings, lifts, brand of the items of fix­tures, fit­tings and lifts if they are branded, or oth­er­wise price range of the items if not branded.

(j) dis­close on rea­son­able no­tice or de­mand, if the Pro­moter is the builder, the de­sign, type of con­crete, ma­te­ri­als used, tech­nol­ogy such as pre-fab, pre-cast, earthquake re­sis­tant etc. If the Pro­moter is not him­self a builder, dis­close all writ­ten agree­ments and de­tails of oral agree­ments, with ar­chi­tects, struc­tural engi­neer and Con­trac­tors in­clud­ing only turn-key con­trac­tors re­gard­ing de­sign, ma­te­ri­als and con­struc­tion. (k) spec­ify in writ­ing the date by which pos­ses­sion is to be handed over. (l) Pre­pare and main­tain a list of flats with num­bers, built or to be built. (m) pre­pare and main­tain the list of park­ing spa­ces pro­vided or to be pro­vided and iden­ti­fied by sep­a­rate num­bers. (n) state in writ­ing the na­ture of the or­ga­ni­za­tion to which Ti­tle is to be passed and the terms and con­di­tions thereof. (o) Dis­play or keep all the doc­u­ments at the site and at the pro­moter’s reg­is­tered of­fice and per­mit in­spec­tion thereof to per­sons in­tend­ing to take flats. (p) Dis­close names and ad­dresses and con­tact num­bers of agents, prop­erty deal­ers, bro­kers or mid­dle­men by what­ever named called, duly au­tho­rized by the Pro­moter. (q) Give such other in­for­ma­tion and doc­u­ments as may be pre­scribed.

Sec. 3( 3) In the case of a lay­out, in ad­di­tion, the Pro­moter shall dis­close:

(a) The phase-wise lay­out plan of the hous­ing project.

(b) The plan of the phases of the devel­op­ment work in which flats for sale are mar­keted in the project.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

(c) De­tails of com­mon ar­eas, ameni­ties and fa­cil­i­ties of the phase of the lay­out.

( d) Ag­gre­gate area in­ters of the parks, recre­ational grounds, gar­dens and play­grounds.

Sec. 4( 1) Ev­ery pro­moter shall make an ap­pli­ca­tion to HRA for regis­tra­tion of its project and for dis­play­ing the project on the web­site of the HRA and shall pay the fees pre­scribed, which shall not ex­ceed Rs. 50,000/Pro­vided that no regis­tra­tion and dis­play shall be re­quired for the fol­low­ing:

( i) If land in a project or phase is upto 250

(ii) When the to­tal num­ber of flats or apart­ments pro­posed to be de­vel­oped into the project in­clud­ing all Phases is less than 5.

(iii) Where the Pro­moter has re­ceived O.C for the build­ing of phase prior to this Sec­tion com­ing into force.

(iv) Where the project is for ren­o­va­tion, re­pair or re­con­struc­tion or re­de­vel­op­ment project which does not in­volve fresh or new al­lot­ment of flats or mar­ket­ing or sale. Ex­pla­na­tion. (i) For the pur­pose of this Act, where any project is pro­posed to be mar­keted and sold in phases, then ev­ery such phase shall be con­sid­ered an in­de­pen­dent project.

(ii) If a sin­gle pur­chaser of all the flats in a project reg­is­tered by HRA in­tends to dis­pose of such flat by sale or oth­er­wise, then such sin­gle pur­chaser shall also be able to reg­is­ter and dis­play the project un­der this Act.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

Sec.4(2) The Pro­moter shall in­clude doc­u­ments as un­der:

(a) Char­tered Engi­neer’s or Char­tered Ar­chi­tect’s Self or ar­chi­tect’s au­then­ti­cated copy of the pro­posed devel­op­ment of each Phase of the project.

(b) Proof of sub­mis­sion of plan for ap­proval of the lo­cal au­thor­ity. The ap­proval and sanc­tion shall be up­loaded within 72 hours of ob­tain­ing the same from the lo­cal au­thor­ity.

Sec. 4( 3) The HRA shall within 7 days of re­ceiv­ing an ap­pli­ca­tion reg­is­ter and al­lot a pass­word to the Pro­moter for ac­cess to the web­site of the HRA.

Sec.5(1). No Pro­moter shall start any trans­ac­tion in­clud­ing sale or mar­ket­ing in a new proj- ect or phase with­out dis­play­ing such flats on the web­site. For on­go­ing projects where the O.C. is yet to be ob­tained, a Pro­moter shall make an ap­pli­ca­tion to HRA for regis­tra­tion within the pe­riod pre­scribed.

Sec.5(2). Such per­cent­age as may be pre­scribed, upto a max­i­mum of 10% of each build­ing shall be treated as “Re­tained Flats” and the de­tails of such flats shall be shown on the web­site. The mar­ket­ing and sale of these flats shall be done only af­ter re­ceipt of the OC or BCC of that build­ing.

Sec.6. The Pro­moter shall, on re­ceiv­ing the pass­word from the HRA through a sys­tem of self en­try ac­cess the web­site and en­ter the de­tails within the pre­scribed pe­riod.

Sec.7. The HRA may, af­ter giv­ing a hear­ing, can­cel the regis­tra­tion of a Project in the event it is fi­nally de­clared by a Court of Law that the agree­ment un­der which the Pro­moter de­rives the right to the land, is in­valid. 7 (2) Upon is­su­ing the order of can­cel­la­tion, HRA shall de­bar the Pro­moter from ac­cess­ing the web­site in re­spect of the can­celled project.

Sec.8. No Pro­moter shall is­sue or pub­lish an ad­ver­tise­ment or prospec­tus of­fer­ing for sale or oth­er­wise any flat or invit­ing ad­vance pay­ments or de­posits with­out dis­play­ing on the HRA web­site.

Sec.9(1) Upto 20% ad­vance can be ac­cepted by the Pro­moter. Regis­tra­tion of agree­ment com­pul­sory to ac­cept more than 20%. 9(2) Agree­ment to con­tain par­tic­u­lars and have doc­u­ments at­tached. a) Par­tic­u­lars. (i) The plans and spec­i­fi­ca­tions ap­proved.

(ii) Date by which pos­ses­sion is to be handed over. (iii) Car­pet area. (iv) Ex­tent of util­ity area. (v) The price of the flat in­clud­ing pro­por­tion­ate price of the lim­ited com­mon ar­eas and fa­cil­i­ties and park­ing spa­ces which should be shown separately to be paid by the pur­chaser and the in­ter­vals for in­stal­ments.

(vi) Al­lot­ment of fixed park­ing space to pur­chaser, pro­vided that no park­ing spa­ces shall be al­lot­ted in min­i­mum open space.

(vii) Na­ture of or­ga­ni­za­tion to be con­sti­tuted.

( viii) Na­ture, ex­tent and de­scrip­tion of lim­ited com­mon ar­eas and fa­cil­i­ties.

(ix) Ag­gre­gate area of park, gar­den, recre­ation ground and play­ground pro­posed in the lay­out.

(x) Na­ture and ex­tent and de­scrip­tion of com­mon ar­eas and ameni­ties and fa­cil­i­ties of lay­out.

( xi) State­ment of use for which the flat is in­tended and regis­tra­tion on its use.

(xii) Per­cent­age of un­di­vided in­ter­est in the lim­ited com­mon ar­eas and fa­cil­i­ties.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

b) Doc­u­ments and Cer­tifi­cate of Ti­tle.

(i) Cer­tifi­cate of Ti­tle by an Ad­vo­cate un­der sec­tion 3(2)(a).

(ii) Prop­erty Card or Vil­lage forms or other rel­e­vant rev­enue record show­ing the na­ture of the ti­tle.

(iii) Plans and spec­i­fi­ca­tions ap­proved.

Sec­tion 9(3) – Agree­ment for Sale must be reg­is­tered by the Pro­moter or a duly au­tho­rized rep­re­sen­ta­tive. If the person who has ex­e­cuted does not ap­pear be­fore the Regis­tra­tion Of­fi­cer, a sum­mons shall be is­sued un­der Sec­tion 36 of the Regis­tra­tion Act re­quir­ing the ex­e­cu­tants to ap­pear ei­ther in person or by duly au­tho­rized Power of At­tor­ney holder. If the ex­e­cu­tants fail to ap­pear, the doc­u­ment shall be deemed to be ad­mit­ted and shall be reg­is­tered. If the ex­e­cu­tants ap­pear but deny ex­e­cu­tion, there shall be a hear­ing and the Regis­trar may reg­is­ter or not.

Sec­tion 10 – Ef­fect of non­reg­is­tra­tion.

If an agree­ment re­mains un­reg­is­tered, then not­with­stand­ing any­thing con­tained in any law of judg­ment, de­cree or order, it may be re­ceived as ev­i­dence of a con­tract in a suit for spe­cific per­for­mance un­der the Spe­cific Relief Act, 1963 or as ev­i­dence of part per­for­mance of a con­tract or as ev­i­dence of any col­lat­eral trans­ac­tion not re­quired to be ef­fected by reg­is­tered in­stru­ment.

Sec­tion 11(1) – Re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of Pro­moter

If a person makes an ad­vance or a de­posit on the ba­sis of an ad­ver­tise­ment or prospec­tus and sus­tains any loss by rea­son of any wil­ful un­true state­ment, he shall be com­pen­sated by the Pro­moter.

If the pur­chaser with­draws from the project on ac­count of wil­ful un­true state­ment, the in­vest­ment shall be re­turned along with in­ter­est at the pre­scribed rate but not ex­ceed­ing 15% p.a.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

Sec­tion 11(2) – Pro­moter shall take all mea­sures pro­vided in Sched­ule 1 for pro­tec­tion and safety of a build­ing. Sec­tion 11(3)) – Pro­moter must ob­tain OC or BCC and give a copy to the flat pur­chasers individually or to the co-op­er­a­tive so­ci­ety or col­lec­tive body.

Sec­tion 11(3)(b) – Pro­moter shall not al­low per­sons to take pos­ses­sion un­til the OC or BCC is given and no person shall take pos­ses­sion un­til then.

Sec­tion 11(4) – Af­ter pos­ses­sion of the flat is handed over to the pur­chaser, he “shall not be per­mit­ted to carry out any ad­di­tions or al­ter­ations in the flat” and “the pro­moter shall not be re­spon­si­ble, if ad­di­tions and al­ter­ations are done in the flat” by the pur­chaser “in vi­o­la­tion of the build­ing reg­u­la­tions”.

Sec­tion 11( 5) – Es­sen­tial ser­vices such as wa­ter sup­ply, elec­tric­ity, light in pas­sages, lift, san­i­tary ser­vices shall be pro­vided and such ser­vices shall not, ex­cept with no­tice, be cut off or cur­tailed. Re­spon­si­bil­ity is of ser­vice provider. Pro­moter shall not be re­spon­si­ble.

Sec­tion 11(5) (ii) – De­tails of es­sen­tial sup­plies and ser­vices shall be kept by the Pro­moter in the form of a state­ment and made avail­able to the pur­chasers.

Sec­tion 11(5) (iii) – If the pur­chaser fails to pay the out­go­ings to the pro­moter for more than three months, the pro­moter may ap­proach the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity, who, af­ter 7 days no­tice, may cut-off, with­hold or in any man­ner cur­tail or re­duce any es­sen­tial sup­ply or ser­vice.

Sec­tion 11(6) – Rede­vel­o­ment Project.

This Act shall ap­ply only to open mar­ket sales and not for re­hab flats, which shall be gov­erned by other ap­pli­ca­ble statutes.

Sec­tion 12 – The Pro­moter shall main­tain a build­ing-wise sep­a­rate ac­count in any Bank of sums taken, de­posits in­clud­ing for share cap­i­tal, out­go­ings, ground rent, taxes, wa­ter charges etc. and shall hold and dis­burse the mon­eys

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

for those pur­poses, make full dis­clo­sure of all trans­ac­tions to a State Govern­ment of­fi­cer. The Pro­moter shall also fol­low the in­struc­tions in Sched­ule II. Ac­counts must be au­dited by a Char­tered Ac­coun­tant.

Sec­tion 13 – Out­go­ings. Pro­moter may col­lect from pur­chasers for pay­ment of out­go­ings and it shall be Pro­moter’s re­spon­si­bil­ity to pay the out­go­ings un­til he trans­fers the prop­erty to the pur­chasers or to the or­ga­ni­za­tion of such per­sons. If he has not paid, he shall con­tinue to be li­able even af­ter the trans­fer of prop­erty, to pay such out­go­ings and pe­nal charges.

Sec­tion 14(1) – No al­ter­ations or ad­di­tions with­out con­sent af­ter plans are dis­closed. (1) If sin­gle build­ing: (i) Any al­ter­ation in the struc­ture in re­spect of any flat re­quires con­sent of that pur­chaser; (ii) Any ad­di­tional floors or wings – con­sent of all per­sons or pur­chasers in the build­ing or wing. How­ever, no con­sent for changes re­quired by Govern­ment or due to change in law or which are dis­closed in the agree­ment. (2)(a) Lay­out or town­ship, af­ter plans are ap­proved and dis­closed to pur­chaser, (i) Any al­ter­ation of a flat re­quires con­sent of that pur­chaser (ii) Any ad­di­tional floors or wing re­quires con­sent of all pur­chasers in that build­ing or wing. (iii) Any mod­i­fi­ca­tion in the lo­ca­tion of the recre­ation ground or gar­den re­quires the con­sent of the per­sons who have agreed to take flats on the ba­sis of the dis­clo­sure of the lo­ca­tion and such fact is men­tioned in the Agree­ment.

(b) mod­i­fi­ca­tion in the lay­out of the recre­ation grounds or gar­den etc. can be made in ac­cor­dance with the DC Reg­u­la­tions for the uti­liza­tion of the full devel­op­ment po­ten­tial.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

(c) In case of devel­op­ment of a lay­out or town­ship, the Pro­moter shall be en­ti­tled to fur­ther con­struc­tion of any new build­ing af­ter ob­tain­ing ap­proval. How­ever, the Pro­moter shall not re­duce the ap­proved com­pul­sory open spa­ces or the ag­gre­gate area of recre­ational grounds with­out the con­sent of all pur­chasers, ex­cept if con­sent is re­quired by the au­thor­i­ties or by law.

Sec­tion 15 – De­fects to be rec­ti­fied within five years. Dis­putes to be re­ferred by HRA to the Ex­ec­u­tive Engi­neer or a higher of­fi­cer of State Govern­ment.

Sec­tion 16 – Ef­fect of non­com­ple­tion of project

If the Pro­moter fails to give com­plete con­struc­tion and ob­tain OC by the date spec­i­fied or any fur­ther date agreed by the par­ties or as may be de­cided by the HRA, then af­ter giv­ing a hear­ing, the HRA may pass an ap­pro­pri­ate order to en­able com­ple­tion of con­struc­tion and ob­tain OC. Such order may pro­vide for (i) for­ma­tion and regis­tra­tion of a le­gal en­tity of 60% of the flat pur­chasers who have come be­fore the HRA (ii) ap­point­ment of the le­gal en­tity as an es­crow agent for tak­ing over the pos­ses­sion (iii) di­rect­ing the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity to trans­fer the Re­tained Flats in the name of the es­crow agent (iv) au­tho­riz­ing the es­crow agent to ap­point con­trac­tors, con­sul­tants and other agen­cies re­quired to com­plete the con­struc­tion and ob­tain OC. Stamp duty shall not be payable on Re­tained Flats be­ing trans­ferred to the es­crow agent un­der the order of the HRA. 16(b) If the Pro­moter for rea­sons be­yond his con­trol, is un­able to give pos­ses­sion of the flat by the date spec­i­fied or a fur­ther agreed date and a fur­ther three months and three months, then the Pro­moter shall be li­able to re­fund the amount re­ceived with in­ter­est at the pre­scribed rate and penalty as may be de­ter­mined by HRA.

Sec­tion 17 – No mort­gage etc.

No Pro­moter shall af­ter ex­e­cut­ing an Agree­ment of Sale, with­out the pre­vi­ous con­sent of the pur­chaser, mort­gage a

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

flat and if any such mort­gage or charge is cre­ated af­ter regis­tra­tion of the agree­ment, it shall not af­fect the rights and in­ter­est of such per­sons.

Sec­tion 18(1) – Pro­moter to form co-op­er­a­tive so­ci­ety/com­pany/apex body/fed­er­a­tion.

(1) If sin­gle build­ing - Pro­moter shall ap­ply for regis­tra­tion of co-op. so­ci­ety or com­pany or other le­gal en­tity within four months from the date of the OC or if min­i­mum 60% of the flat pur­chasers have taken pos­ses­sion or the Pro­moter has re­ceived full con­sid­er­a­tion and other amounts for the same, which­ever is ear­lier.

2(a) Sep­a­rate Co-op.Soc. etc. to be formed for each build­ing or wing. 2(b) If sep­a­rate Co-op. So­ci­eties etc. have been formed, then the Pro­moter shall form and reg­is­ter an Apex Body or Fed­er­a­tion con­sist­ing of all such en­ti­ties in the lay­out, within the pe­riod pre­scribed. (2)(a) If Lay­out – sep­a­rate co-op. so­ci­eties or com­pa­nies etc. for each build­ing or wing, to be ap­plied for within four months from the date of the OC or pos­ses­sion given to 60% of flat pur­chasers, which­ever is ear­lier.

4. If Con­do­minium – then the Pro­moter shall in­form the Regis­trar im­me­di­ately af­ter ex­e­cu­tion of Dec­la­ra­tion and then it shall not be law­ful to form a co-op. So­ci­ety or Com­pany.

5. If Pro­moter fails to reg­is­ter Co-op. So­ci­ety or Apex Body or Fed­er­a­tion the Com­pe­tent Au- thor­ity may di­rect the Regis­trar of Co.op. So­ci­eties to reg­is­ter the So­ci­ety, Apex Body or Fed­er­a­tion.

Sec­tion 18(5) (b) – Be­fore giv­ing a di­rec­tion to form a so­ci­ety or apex body or fed­er­a­tion, the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity must ver­ify the au­then­tic­ity of the ap­pli­cants and give the Pro­moter a hear­ing.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

Sec­tion 19 – Pro­moter shall nor­mally ex­e­cute the Con­veyance within four months of for­ma­tion of so­ci­ety or com­pany. In the case of con­do­minium, a Deed of Apart­ment shall be ex­e­cuted within four months of pos­ses­sion.

Sec­tion 19(2) – Lay­out Con­veyance shall only be in re­spect of the struc­tures of the build­ings in which a min­i­mum num­ber of 60% of the flats have been sold, along with FSI con­sumed in such build­ing, sub­ject to the right of the Pro­moter to dis­pose of the re­main­ing flats, if any, and re­ceive the en­tire con­sid­er­a­tion due. The Con­veyance shall be sub­ject to the right to use the in­ter­nal ac­cess roads, recre­ation area de­vel­oped in the lay­out and the open spa­ces al­lot­ted for such build­ings. Pro­vided that, not­with­stand­ing any­thing con­tained in this Act or in any agree­ment or judg­ment or other law, the Pro­moter shall be en­ti­tled to de­velop and con­tinue to de­velop the re­main­ing lay­out land with the right to use the in­ter­nal ac­cess roads and all the fa­cil­i­ties, ameni­ties, ser­vices etc. in the lay­out and to con­struct any ad­di­tional struc­tures thereon by con­sum­ing the bal­ance FSI and TDR-FSI and any fu­ture in­creases. How­ever, sub­se­quent to Con­veyance if there is an in­crease in FSI, of the plot in a lay­out, sub­se­quent to con­veyance of a struc­ture, then it shall be­long pro­por­tion­ately to the or­ga­ni­za­tion of flat pur­chasers. It shall not be nec­es­sary for the pro­moter to ob­tain any con­sent or per­mis­sion from the or­ga­ni­za­tions in the said lay­out land, to uti­lize FSI and/or TDR-FSI and/

Ev­ery pro­moter shall make an ap­pli­ca­tion to HRA for regis­tra­tion of its project and for dis­play­ing the project on the web­site of the HRA and shall pay the fees pre­scribed, which shall not ex­ceed Rs.50,000/Pro­vided that no regis­tra­tion and dis­play shall

be re­quired

or ad­di­tional FSI.

Sec­tion 19(3) - Where the ti­tle of the Pro­moter is in re­spect of the en­tire un­di­vided or in­sep­a­ra­ble land un­der­neath all such build­ings in a lay­out, then the con­veyance shall be ex­e­cuted af­ter form­ing the Apex Body or Fed­er­a­tion.

Sec­tion 19(4) – Pro­moter shall file with the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity a copy of Con­veyance. If the Con­veyance is not ex­e­cuted, the pur­chasers or the so­ci­ety

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

or Apex Body etc. may ap- ply to the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity for a uni­lat­eral deemed Con­veyance and the same may be reg­is­tered.

Sec­tion 19(5) – Within six months of an ap­pli­ca­tion, the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity may cer­tify that it is a fit case for en­forc­ing uni­lat­eral ex­e­cu­tion of Con­veyance Deed as deemed con­veyance and shall is­sue a cer­tifi­cate to the Sub-Regis­trar, who shall reg­is­ter it. An ap­peal may be filed against the order of the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity to the Hous­ing Ap­pel­late Tri­bunal (HAT).

Sec­tion 19( 7) – Upon the Con­veyance or uni­lat­eral deemed Con­veyance, the or­ga­ni­za­tion shall be en­ti­tled, in any re­con­struc­tion/re­de­vel­op­ment, to the FSI, TDR- FSI and/ or ad­di­tional FSI con­sumed and pro­por­tion­ate share in in­crease as per sub-clause (1) above and shall be en­ti­tled to the por­tion of land al­lo­cated to such build­ing, with­out prior per­mis­sion of the Pro­moter..

Sec­tion 19(8) – A lay­out plot/ land shall be con­veyed to the apex body or fed­er­a­tion sub­ject to the right of the pro­moter to dis­pose of the re­main­ing flats and to re­ceive the pay­ment of out­stand­ing dues. If ad­di­tional FSI be­comes avail­able af­ter the Con­veyance, then such ad­di­tional FSI shall be ap­por­tioned to the re­spec­tive le­gal en­ti­ties.

Sec­tion 19(9) – The Apex Body shall man­age and ad­min­is­ter the com­mon ar­eas and fa­cil­i­ties with­out hav­ing a le­gal in­ter­est in the build­ings.

Sec­tion 20 – Gen­eral li­a­bil­i­ties of flat pur­chaser.

Ev­ery pur­chaser shall pay the price and pro­por­tion­ate taxes, wa­ter and elec­tric­ity charges etc.

Sec­tion 20(2) – Con­tra­ven­tion of sub-sec­tion (1) shall be pun­ish­able with fine which may ex­tend to the amount de­faulted.

Sec­tion 21 – Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity.

The State Govern­ment may, by no­ti­fi­ca­tion, ap­point an of­fi­cer not below the rank of District Deputy Regis­trar of Co-op­er­a­tive So­ci­eties to be the Com­pe­tent Au­thor­ity.

The Ma­ha­rash­tra Hous­ing Bill, 2012:

Sec­tion 22 – Es­tab­lish­ment of HRA. HRA shall be a body cor­po­rate, hav­ing per­pet­ual suc­ces­sion and a com­mon seal and may ac­quire, hold and dis­pose of prop­erty both mov­able and im­mov­able and may con­tract and sue or be sued.

Sec­tion 23 – Com­po­si­tion of HRA. Chair­per­son and two or more mem­bers who have spe­cial knowl­edge of and pro­fes­sional ex­pe­ri­ence in pub­lic ad­min­is­tra­tion, ur­ban devel­op­ment, hous­ing, fi­nance, law or man­age­ment.

Sec­tion 29 – Func­tions of HRA. (i) To en­sure com­pli­ance of obli­ga­tions upon Pro­mot­ers and al­lot­tees; (ii) En­quiry into com­pli­ance; (iii) To levy fees and charges;

(iv) To re­port mat­ter to the ap­pro­pri­ate au­thor­ity for tak­ing ac­tion against the Pro­moter or an al­lot­tee for com­mis­sion of any of­fence un­der any law in force.

Adv. ANIL HAR­ISH, Part­ner D.M. Har­ish & Co.

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