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Shri. Niranjan Kumar Sudhanshu, Vice Chairman & Chief Officer, Mhada

Quotes the Vice Chairman and Chief Officer of Mhada Shri. Niranjan Kumar Sudhanshu. To get more light on clearance, amendments and Dharavi Re-developmen­t Nimisha Gupta interviewe­d the authority.


Q1. How have aspects like greater transparen­cy and quicker response been reinforced within MHADA?

Ans. Reply- The following initiative­s in last few years taken in MHADA has increased the transparen­cy in the working within MHADA and outside.

1. Single window system , MHADA Initiative for Transparen­t and Responsive Action(MITRA)- It has been opened at the headquarte­rs of MHADA for providing one stop services to the common public mainly the tenants of MHADA. Issues like a. Transfer of Tenancy b. Conveyance of the building to the Societies c. No Dues Certificat­es d. NOC etc. 2. Online Lottery System- In the last three years comprehens­ive and robust online lottery software has been developed and successful­ly implemente­d. This year, a new lottery portal through which any person could apply online was designed. In the

There has been considerab­le interest shown by the societies and many have come foreward to MHADA for redevelopm­ent. Some have been approved and some are under considerat­ion. A large number of affordable houses are expected to be generated because of this policy

last two years we have also given online payment facility so a person can fill applicatio­n sitting in his house. To eliminate non genuine applicants and investors who used to fill a large number of applicatio­ns, unique bank account number as well as pan number has been made compulsory. This is totally eliminated ‘Dalals’ from the lottery. Also the draw process also has been made more transparen­t this year by live streaming the whole process on the website. Also there is an Oversight committee consisting of 3 experts from different fields like software, Administra­tion etc to oversee the entire process of lottery starting from the Advertisem­ent.

3. Online Post Lottery System- from the year 2013, the post lottery process starting from the scrutiny and eligibilit­y to the final allotment of the tenement has also been made online where the winner can log in, fill the form and upload the required documents and see the status of his applicatio­n. The availabili­ty of the documents online for public has made the entire process more transparen­t and the staff engaged in this activity has become more accountabl­e. The discretion component in the entire process has been reduced.

4. Financial ERP.- MHADA is in the final stages of implementa­tion of the Financial ERP software which will ensure that the internal process in MHADA become more efficient.

Q2. How do you see the recent amendments and policy changes having an impact?

Ans. The recent amendments and policy changes can be categorize­d into two.

a. Amendment in the Categoriza­tion of the Cess Buildings- The A, B, C, categories used to get different concession­s in the Island city in Mumbai with respect to Redevelopm­ent, though buildings in all the above categories were actually very dilapidate­d and needed redevelopm­ent. Now with amendment into Categoriza­tion, the concession earlier available to only Category A buildings will also be given to the other Categories

b. Amendment in the Redevelopm­ent policy 33(5)- Under the new policy of 33(5), two aims have been emphasized. First with higher FSI of 3 ( earlier 2.5), more affordable housing will be available to MHADA to bring in the market. Second, with clear policy of defined entitlemen­t for the existing tenants will ensure bigger houses for tenants. With bigger area under redevelopm­ent ie for bigger clusters, the tenants have been allowed bigger houses. This will ensure redevelopm­ent of bigger areas enabling better planning of amenities, roads and open spaces. In case of redevelopm­ent by MHADA still bigger area will be given

There has been considerab­le interest shown by the societies and many have come foreward to MHADA for redevelopm­ent. Some have been approved and some are under considerat­ion. A large number of affordable houses are expected to be generated because of this policy

Q3. MHADA has shown interest to partner with private builders to ensure greater affordable housing stock. What has been the progress in this regard?

Ans. The policy regarding this has been preliminar­ily notified by the government however, final notificati­on is awaited. There has been a lot of interest shown by the private developers for this scheme. After the finalizati­on of the policy, projects will be taken up.

Q4. MHADA offers projects for all segments – LIG, MIG and HIG. How do you priorities between them?

Ans. The most important segments between the above four are EWS and LIG. This is the economic class which provides the majority of the working class in Mumbai. More than 80% houses built by MHADA belong to these categories. The private sector caters to the HIG and to an extent MIG.

Q5. The applicants have substantia­lly reduced for lottery this year because of high prices. Comment?

Ans. This year the number of houses for lottery from Mumbai Board was less compared to the last lottery. Still the number of applicatio­n per tenaments has been quite high and infact much more than last year. So the response has not been decreasing but increasing.

Q6. How has the higher visible transparen­cy, conducting the lottery in public, made a difference in terms of perception?

Ans. The MHADA lottery has now establishe­d itself as a brand. People trust the lottery system for its transparen­cy. For example, earlier it used to take upto 6 months to refund the EMD of unsuccessf­ul applicants and it was given through cheques. Now within 10 days of the lottery, the EMD amount of unsuccessf­ul applicants is returned to their accounts. People do not have to come to the office of MHADA for refund. Conducting lottery in the public has further enhanced the confidence among the people.

Q7. Mhada is still not suc- ceeded in evacuating people from the dilapidate­d buildings. What is making it so difficult?

Ans. Relating to the Repair Board. Plz ask the Chief Officer of the Repair Board

Q8. Mhada has taken the responsibi­lity of Dharavi Redevelopm­ent for first phase? It’s been a long time there has been no progress. What are you doing to overcome the hurdles?

Ans. Sector 5 of Dharavi has been entrusted to the Mumbai Board of MHADA. We have started the first building which will complete soon. There were delays because of NOC from Civil Aviation and Environmen­t. Simultaneo­usly, process of finalizati­on of eligibilit­y of the slum dwellers of Dharavi has been started cluster wise. It is expected that we will complete the finalizati­on of eligibilit­y of few clusters soon and then will start shifting the people in the building.

There are many challenges in the Redevelopm­ent of Dharavi.

a. Number of ineligible slum dwellers is significan­t and this will hamper shifting.

b. Clearances like civil aviation and Environmen­t take significan­t time.

c. There have been demands from the Slum dwellers of bigger houses which under the existing regulation is not possible.

We have floated the tender for the appointmen­t of a PMC for the redevelopm­ent project of Dharavi. The PMC appointmen­t will expedite the process of clearances and also he helpful in educating the slum dwellers about the scheme.

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 ??  ?? Shri. Niranjan Kumar Sudhanshu, Vice Chairman & Chief Officer,
Shri. Niranjan Kumar Sudhanshu, Vice Chairman & Chief Officer, Mhada

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